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June 19, 2024

Be wowed by Cartier’s new, path-breaking jewellery collection

The world-renowned French jewellery house Cartier launches a new collection,  Magnitude by Cartier, which combines diamond and quartz; sapphire and matrix opal; emerald and rock crystal and pink diamond and coral, to make for stunning pendants, necklaces, cuffs and bracelets.
Technique marries creativity in its six categories of high jewellery, Aphelie, Theia, Equinoxe, Yuma, Soreli and Zemia.
Magnitude Cartier
Cartier adds characteristics of golden rutilated quartz in its pink gold neckpiece. This transparent quartz with rutile threads exposes a warm undertone and great density and depth. The necklace’s cabochon (central oval stone) extends strikingly measured tassels formed to give an illusion of sunray, enhanced more with the dazzle of pink and coral hues in its reflections. A balanced work of opposites, morganite beads and diamonds create a delicate punch for a stunning jewellery line.
Magnitude Cartier
Note the chemistry of seven round Colombian emeralds embedded in the rock crystal framework of the Theia necklace. There is geometry, visual illusions and science of kinetic art. In its signature green-black combination, Cartier takes charge with the unnoticeable technique of faceting rock crystal, which adds infinitely to the emerald’s lustre. The oval pendant can be styled as a brooch or paired with a minimalistic chain, offering a very flexible mood to the jewellery.
Magnitude Cartier
This is Cartier’s own formula to bring to life a celestial equator. The French label crafts a lacy universe of orange undertoned sapphires, lapis lazuli which connotes to the deep blue of a starry sky and space, and yellow, orange and white diamonds as stars in a constellation. The focal sapphire is the sun here, giving a luminous character to the completely webbed neckpiece.
Magnitude Cartier
This is a secret masterpiece, read timepiece. A touch on its tiny button reveals a classy watch dial, a jewellery work ahead of its time. Adorned with rutilated quartz, the centre cabochon curve oozes with sweet honey tones powered with gleaming diamonds on the wrist. The contrast of sharp-cut diamonds and calm rock stone on the white bracelet conveys generosity of the makers.
Magnitude Cartier
Setting the basis of this exquisitely structured bracelet, blue and purple sapphire along with diamonds and garnets meet the appeal of 77.27 carat matrix opal. The earthy colour palette is radical with hints of evocative harmony between browns, icy blues and bursts of purple. The design cut stands out as well, where round and faceted stones strike a connection with geometrical elements in all its glory, exemplifying the very definition of Cartier’s high jewellery, Magnitude.

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