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May 18, 2024

International Burger Day: Best burgers in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

Schenelle Dsouza
Burgers are comfort food for the soul. It doesn’t matter what kind of meat or veggies you prefer, just add a dash of fried onions, cheese and creamy sauces, an you have the perfect cheat day meal.
On this international burger day, go binge on your favourite burgers, at these top knotch restaurants serving some of the best burgers in town.
AKU’S – The Burger Co., New Delhi
Photo Courtesy: AKU’S
Located in Main Market, Defence Colony, Aku’s is regarded as the best spot for burgers in New Delhi. And rightfully so, the popular burger joint has some of the best burgers which include vegan, vegetarian as well as gluten free burgers in addition to hardcore non-vegetarian options. Among the popularly request options are The Bold Bingo – a lamb burger with blue cheese and onions, Master Wu – a mushroom patty burger with jalapenos, cheese and lettuce, and Beetburg Burger with root vegetable, carrot beetroot slaw, sriracha mayonnaise, cheese and lettuce.
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Bastian, Mumbai 
Photo Courtesy: Bastian
A celebrity hotspot in town, Bastian is best known for its extravagent menu that features pretty much every cuisine. Within the elaborate menu lies a selection of juicy, delicious burgers. From siracha chicken and pork belly to tofu bao and shroom with feta, each and every burger on the menu is rich, creamy and delicious. One of the most popularly requested burgers is the Sriracha Chicken Burger filled with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, a sunny side egg and jalapeno jam, totally worth all the calories!
Order directly via 8419965953 (Bandra) and 7208656074 (Worli)
Burger Seigneur, Bangalore
Burger Seigneur
Photo Courtesy: Burger Seigneur
A fine example of fine dine gourmet burgers, Burger Seigneur is the king of burgers in Banglore. What sets them apart fom other places, aside from their extravagant offerings, is the fact that they use the best quality ingredients sourced from different parts of the world, their may for instance, comes all the way from Italy. Their 12 burger menu features a selection of totally unique, burgers with distinct flavours. The ones that are a definite must try are the Hangover burger made with grilled chicken, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, jalepenos and french cocktail sauce; Jack The Ripper with chicken, cheddar cheese, a housemade Franco-Honey Sauce, pickled jalapenos and coleslaw and the Gregorian Veg with a veggie patty made of carrot and beans, loaded with cheddar cheese, guacamole and Franco-Honey Sauce.
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Chili’s, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore 
Photo Courtesy: Chili’s
For anyone who loves a Classic American burger that seems like an eating challenge, Chili’s is for you. The restaurant has some of the most decadent burgers that meant solely for those with an appetite. Lots of grease, cheese and fried onions, the burger menu is a sight to behold! If you’re up for a good ol’ American cheeseburger, try out the utimate bacon burger with double bacon, cheddar, pickles, jalapeno aioli and honey-chipotle sauce;  southern smokehouse burger made with a house made lamb or chicken patty, cheese, bacon, spiced panko onion rings, and signature sauce; or the oldtimer burger made with a seasoned pan seared patty, topped with garlic dill pickles, tomato, red onions and mustard.
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Louis Burger, Mumbai and Delhi
Louis Burger
Photo Courtesy: Louis Burger
Louis Burger was launched as a tribute to Louis Lassen, the man who introduced the world to burgers. With multiple outlets around the country, Louis Burger has established itself as one of the best restaurants for burgers. Their restaurant uses only freishly baked burger buns that are soft and light. While every single burger on their menu is worth a try, the new menu is definitely something to look forward to. These include GhostRyder Chicken Burger with cheddar, spicy may and red pickle paprike, Louis Patty Melt with animal sauce, caramelized onion, cheddar, pork bacon and maple and OH-Soy Burger with chipotle mayo, soya and mozzarella patty, cheese sauce and jalapenos.
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Millers 46, Bangalore
Millers 46
Photo Courtesy: Millers 46
Another popular all American restaurant, Millers 46 specialises in hearty South-American comfort food. So it probably goes without saying that they have some of the best burgers in the city. Like Chili’s, Millers 46 burgers are for the brave hearted, those who enjoy all the grease and meat. If you dare to, try out the iconic 46ers quarter pounder fillet burger, a juicy quarter-pound beef burger topped with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions and sour cream, or a lighter deluxe bacon burger, a crispy bacon and beef mince pate, with a fried egg.
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Plan B, Bangalore
Plan B
Photo Courtesy: Plan B
A city wide favourite, Plan B is known to combine the goodness of delicious comfort food with classic local flavours, giving it the Indian twist. Each of the burgers are generously doused with helpings of cheese, and not just cheddar, but the artisnal blue cheese as well. Their Animal Burger is a real challenge for real foodies with an apetite. Aside from this, the Coorg-style Pandi burger with traditional Coorg pork, Classic Bacon Cheeseburger, Meditteraen lamb and El Diablo are some of the delicious favourites.
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Salt Water Café, Mumbai 
Salt Water Café
Photo Courtesy: Salt Water Café
A European themed restaurant, Salt Water Café is the go to place for some of the best carb-loaded burgers. A variety of delicious gourmet burgers, the menu features popular favourites like a fish n chips inspired burger with smoked malt mayo, grilled lamb with caramelised onion and creamed feta, chicken schnitzel with cheddar and beet slaw, and the most requested bacon burger with spiced brie and cranberry jam.
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Smoke House Deli, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
Courtesy: Instagram - Smoked House Deli
Photo Courtesy: Smoked House Deli
Best known for its comfort food, Smoke House Deli has been serving some of the most delicious food for well over a decade. One of the reasons their burgers remain a constant favourite in the country is their fresh and aromatic flavours. Their urger menu includes the SHD double cottage cheese burger with wasabi mayo, the country styled fried chicken burger with soy honey ketchup, and an all new smoked chicken and oregano burger. 
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Woodside Inn, Mumbai
Woodside Inn
Photo Courtesy: Woodside Inn
One of Mumbai’s most popular places for burgers is Woodside Inn. It is the perfect place for true blue burger lovers, who are open to experimenting with flavour and ingredients. Woodside Inn is relatively unique because of its innovative burger creations. Its also one of the few restaurants that offers more variety for vegetarians like the Italian pesto-filled veg burger, spiced cottage cheese burger and crispy mushroom burger. Non vegetarian look out for the double cheddar tenderloin burger, jamaican jerk spice chicken burger and ghost chilli spiced chicken burger.
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