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Aisha Saraf Kothari Founder, AISPI F ollowing her passion for fashion in 2017, Aisha Saraf Kothari founded AISPI, a fashion platform that introduces you to the hidden gems of Europe’s fashion world. Living in Belgium, Kothari initially started out driven to make an impact and see a change around her. With a degree in finance and management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, she acknowledged that a lot of European designer brands remain hidden from the global fashion scene. The e-commerce platform sources products from lesser-known boutique stores and designers across Europe, lists them on the fashion website and makes them available at trunk shows. She believes the pandemic has immensely helped with the culture of remote working, making it easier to hire people from across the globe based on their talent. “Luxury means being unique, excellent quality and good service. Having a luxury experience is completed if you have a seamless and hassle-free service.” Ananya Birla Founder Svatantra Microfin, Ikai Asai & Ananya Birla Foundation A n artist and businessperson, Ananya Birla is an alumnus of Oxford University. At the age of 17, she started Svatantra Microfin, the youngest and fastest-growing micro-finance company. Adding to her portfolio and passion for design, along with her vision to empower local art communities, she introduced Ikai Asai, a modern serveware brand representing Indian crafts, making it a fit for the contemporary 21st -century household. She is also the founder of the Ananya Birla Foundation which promotes global understanding and supports programs for a kinder, happier, equal, stigma-free world, for a fulfilling life. With her prolific experience, Birla is a powerhouse to reckon with today. “Everyone has their own story.” 106 | | 107