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April 16, 2024

Indian jeweller breaks the Guinness World Record for a ring studded with 12,638 diamonds

Renani Jewels, a Meerut-based jewellery company has been awarded by The Guinness World Records for the ‘most diamonds in a single ring’. The Marigold – the ring of prosperity is studded with 12,638 natural diamonds.
The idea was conceived and executed by 25-year-old jeweller Harshit Bansal, Managing Director of Renani Jewels and his father Anil Bansal.
Their creation broke the earlier record made in October 2020 by Hyderabad-based The Diamond Store by Chandybhai. The Divine – 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam ring is set with 7,801 diamonds.
Coincidentally, both jewellers started work on their masterpieces in 2018.

Harshit Bansal read about an earlier Guinness World Record that was set in 2018 with 6,690 diamonds and decided to make his own record.
The ring is set with EF colour and VVS clarity diamonds, totalling 38.08 carats and weighs 165.450 grasms. It is certified by International gemological laboratory (IGI).

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Guinness world record for most diamonds in a ring
The Divine – 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam
“Each individual petal is uniquely shaped. No petal is identical, which gives the ring a perfect blend of organic symmetry, design and alignment,” posted the brand on its Instagram page.
While the ring was designed it Meerut, it was manufactured in Surat, the world’s diamond hub.
The ring is named after the Marigold flower, which is believed to bring prosperity and good luck.
The jewellers have not attached a price to the ring, calling it priceless.

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