Facial Treatments
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The one thing that the bride and the groom cannot overlook before their wedding is skincare, which is as important as selecting wedding wear. LuxeBook talks to Pakkhi Pahuja, the popular celebrity makeup artist and the founder of Team Vanity Salon about some of the most trending wedding beauty treatments for the bride, the groom and for both to indulge in together.
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Open to experimenting
Versatility is ever-increasing in the beauty salon market and many such salons offer a wide range of pre-wedding treatments for the brides and the grooms, for short and long sessions. Along with makeup consulting, the newest on the beauty block is micro-blading and boosting hair spas. According to Pakkhi Pahuja, “Body Polishing among brides is a fad, we are seeing a lot of it this season.”
For brides-to-be, Pahuja recommends top three treatments, from an invigorating Hydra Facial and GG Glow treatment by Issac Luxe to a deluxe body polishing session for an ideal skin prep before the big day.
For the grooms, the narrative is changing, and they are becoming more open to the idea of skincare and grooming treatments. Currently, in demand for men are services like body waxing, facial hair grooming and even laser treatments for a long-term effect.
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Amongst many other pre-wedding activities for couples, experiencing beauty routines together can be a fun addition. According to Pahuja, “A spa or a skin treatment is ideal for the bride and groom to experience together.” She also suggests facials like hydra facial, an extremely popular service at Team Vanity Salon, which prepares skin for makeup and makes it look hydrated for a longer time.
Tackling wedding fatigue
Wedding fatigue, which also causes sudden skin breakouts, during the planning phase can be avoided with a systematic day and night skincare regime and decreased sun exposure. The daily habits must incorporate plenty of water and liquid consumption, a personalised diet, along with maintaining an adequate sleep pattern will also help. “If stress is not taken care of, experts would have to look at more intensive treatments over a short span of time, as opposed to timely, regular care which is more beneficial for long-term results,” says Pahuja.
A good time to book appointments for pre-wedding services is six months in advance for skincare and three months prior to the wedding for hair and body treatments. This gives your skin and hair enough time to adjust to the changes and also helps you understand what fits you the best. Pahuja also highlights that brides and grooms should give their skin some breathing time and use no makeup for some time, which might lead to pore-clogging.
She recommends avoiding new treatments or products closer to the wedding date and cutting the risks of any skin allergies.
A good time gap should be given for hair makeovers too. “I feel that hair colour completely transforms your face. Lighter tones add softness and frame your face, whereas darker tones tend to look a bit stronger,” adds Pahuja.
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What’s in for celebrities…
In the celebrity sphere, the beauty conscious personalities opt for some of the most luxurious and tech-advanced services, to deal with acne, pigmentation or even a regular health check-up of skin and hair.
Pakkhi, who has worked as a cosmetic and beauty advisor to many Bollywood like Anushka Sharma, Shamita Shetty and Tina Ambani, says, “You do see a lot of celebrities indulging in Platelet-rich plasma treatments, pigmentation treatments that take care of face and body scarring, and removal of stretch marks.” In the Indian beauty salons, many treatments have been influenced by the Western beauty industry, such as micro-pigmentation and derma filler therapy and they have gained interest in India in no time.
At-home beauty regime
Masks by OMG!
Brides can include a healthy drink like collagen drink by Nutrova to feed the skin with the required nutrients and keep it hydrated.
Use creams with hyaluronic acid as it maintains the moisture levels of the skin and helps in easing out fine lines and wrinkles.
The bride and the groom, both, can pamper their skin with sheet masks which are perfect for quick fixes at home. Pahuja recommends, “Dr Jart facial sheet mask and Double Dare peel-off mask by OMG!”
Pahuja advises investing in a good eye cream, “If you simply adopt a good night cream and an under-eye cream, you are halfway there.”
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A mix of hung yogurt, almond and turmeric makes an enriching face pack for an instant glow and adds life to your face. Pahuja explains, “Your skin absorbs the natural oils from the yoghurt, the almond acts as a lighting agent to reduce blemishes and the turmeric acts as an antioxidant, which really helps retain the moisture of your skin.”