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February 24, 2024

Turkish Hammam Spas in India

Jade Crasto
The Hammam, also referred to as the Turkish hammam or Turkish bath, is a Middle Eastern equivalent of a steam bath and a cousin of the sauna. The earliest hammams were, of course, created in Arabia, and bath culture was an important part of ancient Roman society, and even Mohenjo-Daro excavations revealed community baths, but in modern times, Turkey popularised the custom by making hammams accessible to people of all social classes. A hammam is a communal steam room where visitors may relax and wash while also receiving massages and exfoliating treatments. Hammams are often a series of chambers that use dry and damp heat, showers, soaps and salts. Going to a hammam spa not only helps visitors relax but also reportedly helps boosts the immune system and increase blood flow and circulation.
Shilp Hammam
Photo Courtesy: Shilp Hammam
In Panvel, one can enjoy a piece of Turkey at the luxurious Aayush Resort, which also houses one of Maharashtra’s most magnificent and genuine Moroccan hammams. Shilp Hammam Spa is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is in a palace and the building’s design is inspired from traditional Moroccan architecture. The tall vertical entryway is lined with green tiles that makes it the perfect spot for your Instagram pictures. The interiors of the spa will take your breath away. The walls are covered in blue, green, and off-white tones and paintings adorn the walls. The spa has 21 unique therapies to choose from, a sand spa, wherein a plunge pool sits in the middle of a room with sand covered all around it. The spa also has jacuzzis, a couple’s spa, hydrotherapy, yoga, and meditation as well as much more. The magnificent architecture along with relaxing therapies makes this place a must visit if you wish to rejuvenate and pamper yourself.  
If you wish to gain the hammam experience without having to go to an actual hammam, here are a few spas across India that go the extra mile to recreate the hammam experience. 
The Lodhi Spa, The Lodhi, New Delhi 
Spa facility at The Lodhi spa, The Lodhi, New Delhi
Photo Courtesy: The Lodhi
The Lodhi Spa has its own Sauna and Hammam, with separate areas for men and women. Their Hammam baths are classified into two types. The Traditional Peel Hammam lasts 45 minutes and allows you to rejuvenate by lying on a warm plinth and exfoliating with a kese glove, a traditional Turkish glove used to gently exfoliate the skin. This is a traditional therapy that has been passed down since generations. The Pizhichil Hammam, which lasts 90 minutes, is another option. Their hammams have two temperature-controlled rooms, cold and warm plunge pools, a marble massage plinth, and a separate lounge for relaxation. 
Jiva Spa, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Taj Hotels
Photo Courtesy: Taj Hotels
Jiva Spa was the first to provide the hammam treatment to Mumbai.  Situated on the serene pool terrace of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the spa provides a relaxing respite from the bustling metropolis. The spa’s traditional hammam is one of its many unique attractions. It helps the body release impurities via the pores and rehydrates the skin, according to the spa’s experts. The procedure entails cleaning the body with heat and exfoliation.  
Tamaya Spa, Jaypee Greens Resort, Greater Noida
Tamaya Spa
Photo Courtesy: Tamaya Spa
Tamaya Spa offers a 75-minute hammam treatment which incorporates cocoa beans and shea butter, both of which are natural skin cleansers, softeners, and conditioners. These substances make the skin look and feel radiant and velvety smooth. Cocoa beans are also high in antioxidants, which help to maintain the skin’s suppleness and firmness. Tamaya’s hammam is one of the spa’s trademark experiences. You may also stay for a night as a couple and visit their authentic Moroccan hammams inside the property. 
The Oberoi, Sukhvilas Spa Resort, Chandigarh
Oberoi Hotels
Photo Courtesy: Oberoi Hotels
The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort’s spa is well-known for its traditional Mughal hammams. Deep cleansing and exfoliation of dead skin cells are part of the procedures followed here. It also stimulates blood circulation and makes your skin glow for days. The usage of hydrotherapies prior to experiencing a hammam is critical for the treatment’s success. There are two types of treatments offered at the hammam here. The Essential Hammam is 45 minutes long. Your body is cleaned and then aggressively scrubbed with an exfoliating glove in a specialised hammam chamber during this treatment. Their Luxury Hammam is a 60-minute treatment that includes the same process, including a nourishing body mud, a conditioning hair cleanse, and a scalp massage that will leave you feeling brand new from head to toe. 
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