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June 20, 2024

Unconventional chocolates to try this World Chocolate Day

Arushi Sakhuja
“Chocolate: A delicious cure for a bad day!”, and who doesn’t love chocolate? Be it white, dark or milk!
When you think of comfort food, chocolate is sure to make it to your list. No matter what form you consume chocolate in, it is always a great idea to have some. For a lot of us, indulging in chocolate always works as an instant pick-me-up. While you might feel guilty eating all those calories, there’s nothing known as too much chocolate. This World Chocolate Day take your tastebuds on a chocolate-y adventure as you try these unique chocolate-flavoured bars.
The Betel Leaf Co. Paan Chocolate
World Chocolate Day
Photo Courtesy: The Betel Leaf Co.
The Betel Leaf Dark Chocolate Paan
Photo Courtesy: The Betel Leaf Co.
True desis know the importance of paan as a finisher for your meal, be it meetha or saadha, paan works as the perfect palette cleanser. And also, the ultimate Indian dessert. So what better than blending together two favourites, paan and chocolate! The Betel Leaf Co. is one such brand that has refined the way paan is consumed by offering paan chocolate bars and chocolate-coated paans. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate, dark coffee chocolate bars to dark mint bars, there’s something for everyone. And if you wish to be experimental, try the mango chocolate-coated paan, strawberry chocolate-coated paan, Mexican chilli dark chocolate-coated paan or play it safe with dark and milk chocolate-coated paans. The best part is that all the products are 100% Tobacco Free, making this a favourite Indian post-meal delicacy, looking to revolutionize it into the concept of a dessert.
Artisante Pink Peppercorn Chocolate Bar
World Chocolate Day
Photo Courtesy: Artisante
Go on a chocolate adventure with Arisante’s chocolates. Bringing the goodness of Machu Picchu’s pink peppercorns and mango with chocolate the Machu Picchu Dark 65% Pink Peppercorn, Mango, and Lime chocolate bar is deliciously crunchy, with a mild peppery texture. Bringing together 65% dark chocolate, with bursts of citrus from lemon peel is a perfect climb for the chocolate adventurer.
Lindt Chilli Chocolate Bar
World Chocolate Day
Photo Courtesy: Amazon India
Do you love the spicy hit of chilly? If you just said yes, then the Swiss brand Lindt has the perfect one for you – Lindt Excellence Chilli Intense Chocolate bar. A crowd favourite, with a smooth and rich texture, intense chilli flavour is mixed with deep cocoa flavours to strike a refreshing chord. You can expect a smooth, sweet and intense fine dark chocolate experience. 
Mason & Co. Sourdough Chocolate Bar 
World Chocolate Day
Photo Courtesy: Mason & Co
A true union of bread & chocolate, Mason and Co’s 70% Sourdough & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar is made with sourdough bread crumbs and 70% sea salt encrusted dark chocolate. The crunchy bread crumbs add a flakey texture and a subtle sour finish, the Sea Salt carries the sweetness of their 70% dark chocolate.
All things Starberry and Wine Chocolate Bar 
World Chocolate Day
Photo Courtesy: All Things
When chocolate and bubbly come together it’s a true delight to the palette. The All things Starberry and Wine Chocolate bar is smooth and creamy, bringing together the richness of white chocolate, tartness of the bubbly and a little sweetness of strawberries. Take a bite into haven as you savour this treat.
Kocoatrait Green Chilli, Curry Leaf & Coconut White Chocolate Bar

Get experimental with your flavour pairings and enjoy the richness of savoury delicacies in the form of a chocolate bar. Kocoatrait’s Green Chilli, Curry Leaf and Coconut White Chocolate bar will leave you pleasantly surprised. Extremely aromatic curry leaf with notes of citrus, anise and lemongrass gets beautifully rounded off in mixing with the chocolate, acquiring a subtle nuttiness, accentuated by coconut. Green chillies lend subtle spicy notes to make a truly sophisticated bar of chocolate. While it may seem like a weird one to try, it’s definitely worth a shot.
Naviluna Bambooshyam Chocolate Bar
World Chocolate Day
Naviluna Bambooshyam Chocolate Bar
Inspired by the shoreline of India’s eastern coast, Naviluna’s  Bambooshyam chocolate bar features bamboo shoots, steeped in cigar-infused caramel and date syrup, paired with fragrant and zesty lemon grass. Certain to make you question the very notion of delicious, you won’t be able to stop digging in!
World Chocolate Day
Photo Courtesy: Smoor
Bringing together the chocolate and wellness in a bar is Smoor. Known for their artisanal chocolates that are packed with flavour, Smoor chocolates are worth savouring. Combining the silky smooth texture of chocolate with the immense benefits of tulsi, their wellness bark melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more.
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