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June 21, 2024

#Lockdown: Sachin Gupta of Beyond Design is indulging in some Netflix and music time

Pooja Patel

Sachin Gupta is the Founder and Principal Designer of Beyond Designs, a 20-year-old brand that specialises in creating luxurious furnished interiors. In this lockdown, Delhi-based Gupta, known for his immaculate sense of style and aesthetics, is using the time at home to pursue activities that he generally wouldn’t find time for. He talks about his new normal routine.
The Den Area from Beyond Designs’ Wild Rose collection
What is your daily routine like these days?
I am an early-to-sleep, early-to-rise person, but ever since the lockdown, my routine has changed. I go to bed late as I’m not tired and get up late. After doing the morning chores, I workout, which was difficult to fit into my earlier routine. After a relaxed breakfast, by noon, I sit with my iPad to catch up on a lot of design-related explorations. Then after a lazy lunch, I either take a nap or do some research work. I spend some time with my kids in the evening, playing board games or watching a movie together. We have an early dinner and then watch something on entertainment streaming platforms.
Do you listen to any podcasts?
I listen to the work put up by industry leaders and designers from all over the world. As far as my playlist is concerned, I like listening to Bollywood and Western songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s. I’m also creating a playlist of ever-green numbers.
What are you watching currently?
I’m catching up on a number of web series, which I otherwise don’t find time for. I have watched Inside Edge, Special Ops, etc., it depends on what catches my eye. I also spend a lot of time watching documentaries on history, architecture and interior design.
Could you give our readers some tips on maintaining an aesthetic Instagram page?
Your Instagram page should reflect your own self and should be exciting enough for people to start a conversation. It needs to be interactive.
Could you suggest a few interior DIY hacks for our readers?
Do some sketching, charcoal drawing or watercolour painting. Use cardboard to create a frame and hang them up on your wall. You could also print out some interesting visuals and replace your old artworks with them. Adding different kinds of cushions and accessories could also add an element of freshness to your home.
Are you waiting to purchase anything? 
In the current mindset, all we want is for life to get back to normal for everyone, everything else can take a backseat until then.
The Dining Room from Beyond Designs’ Wild Rose collection
Where would you like to go once the lockdown is lifted?
I had not thought about it, but now that you are asking, it would have to be to meet my team, as I’m already with my family now. I can’t wait to get back to my factory and my showroom and start working again, which I terribly miss.
How will luxury consumption in India and the world change ?
The world will definitely be a more compassionate place. People will become more patient and grateful, and will not take things for granted so easily. There will be a psychological shift. As far as consumption is concerned, super luxury items’ demand might decrease. It will take some time for people to get back to it.
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