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June 19, 2024

A fashion collection dedicated to The Last Dance and Michael Jordan

Arya Singh

The Last Dance is a stunning 10-part docu-series showcasing the journey of sports legend, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. It draws an emotionally stirring portrait of one of the sport’s most iconic athletes and team.

image from @espn on Instagram

While most basketball fanatics are still recovering from the recently released final episode, artisanal garment label ‘Dust of Gods’, designer Antonio Tadrissi, decided to honour the legend with an exclusive wearable art collection of customisable jackets.
1. I’m Back Black Jersey Shirt 
image from
This jersey features a few famous Michael Jordan photographs and is perfect for a high-end athleisure look.
Available for $599.00
2. All American Black Hoodie 
image from
With a red and black colour scheme, this hoodie is centred around Jordan’s iconic jersey number and has printed on it the legend’s quotes.
Available for $950.00
3. I Succeed in Military Jacket 
image from
This stunning green Military Jacket boasts an incredible hand-painted recreation of one of Jordan’s most infamous ‘dunk’ moments
Available for $1,750.00
4. Repurposed Jordan Black Denim Jacket
image from
Featuring a unique, black chain detail along with its aesthetic patchwork, this denim jacket is perfect for any Jordan fan to make a fashion statement.
Available for $1,750.00
5. I In Win Leather Jacket
image from
Covered in several inspirational quotes, this jacket features metal studs and detailing, to complement the leather.
Available for $2,500.00
6. 23 Red Blazer 
image from
The perfect example of fashion and sports coming together in an ode to Jordan, this blazer features the 23 jersey number in the infamous Louis Vuitton print.
Available for $3,900.00 (Size 50) 
Each repurposed item has an iconic ‘Jumpman’ moment embedded in its art, channelling the spirit of resilience and excellence. Tadrissi describes his work as “transcending fashion by establishing strong artistic bonds with diverse creative media including architecture, interior/ industrial design and graphic art.” He states that “individual expression is at the root of every piece, ingrained in the brand’s DNA”, assuring that each jacket is a 1/1.
All prices include a sourcing fee for the base jacket, which acts as the “canvas” for each custom work of art.
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