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July 20, 2024

Photo Courtesy: ©Disney

Disney Adventure, Disney’s newest cruise line is coming to Singapore

Calling all Disney enthusiasts, if you are looking for your next adventure, get ready to set sail on Disney’s latest cruise line. Disney Adventure, the newest addition to the Disney ships marks the brand’s debut in Southeast Asia. Setting sail from the ports of Singapore, the ship can accommodate up to 6,700 guests with around 2,500 crew members. Beginning in 2025, the Disney Adventure will sail three- and four-night cruises from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre for at least five years as part of a collaboration between Disney Cruise Line and Singapore Tourism Board.

“We’re bringing the magic of Disney Cruise Line to Asia for the first time ever, and we want to give our guests the cruise relaxation and Disney fun they can only experience aboard one of our ships,” said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager, Disney Cruise Line. “When they set sail on the Disney Adventure, guests will find incredible, immersive areas that bring the worlds of Disney, Pixar and Marvel to life in ways like never before – and these uniquely Disney experiences will inspire families to reconnect, recharge and make unforgettable memories that they’ll cherish forever.”

Disney Adventure
Photo Courtesy: ©Disney

But what makes the ship truly unique are the experiences, much like any other Disney cruise liner, the Disney Adventure ship boasts a plethora of experiences, that lets guests interact with Disney characters. Aboroiad Disney Adventure, along with interactive dining experiences, the ship is introducing seven uniquely themed areas, with dozens of incredible characters and unforgettable experiences, without ever leaving the ship. These include, the Disney Imagination Garden serves as the emotional heart of the ship, an enchanted garden and performance venue inspired by 100 years of Disney adventures. The Disney Discovery Reef provides a shopping and dining retreat themed around aquatic characters from Disney and Pixar, such as The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. San Fransokyo Street, inspired by Big Hero 6, is a lively street market with interactive games, activities, shops, and cinemas. Wayfinder Bay, an open-air oasis inspired by Moana, offers relaxation and exclusive entertainment with stunning sea and sky views. Town Square celebrates Disney royals with shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues inspired by classics like Cinderella and Frozen. Marvel Landing caters to Marvel fans with attractions and experiences celebrating Marvel superheroes. Finally, Toy Story Place is a whimsical play area with themed food venues and water play areas, bringing the world of  Toy Story to life.

The Disney Adventure map shows seven uniquely themed areas, each teeming with dozens of incredible characters and unforgettable experiences. ©Disney
Photo Courtesy: ©Disney

The Disney Adventure ship offers a grand Disney Cruise Line holiday with fun, relaxation, incredible dining, world-class entertainment, and exceptional service. Families will enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, interactive play areas, and special entertainment. Kids and teens have dedicated spaces, while adults can unwind with premium dining, lounges, and spa experiences. Throughout the Disney Adventure, guests will enjoy unforgettable character encounters, dazzling stage shows brimming with Disney songs and characters, signature events, first-run films, karaoke and game shows. 

Tailored to Asia, the cruise features personalized touches, global cuisines, and local-flavored retail offerings. Entertainment highlights include character encounters, stage shows, first-run films, and karaoke. Guests will dine in imaginative restaurants with a familiar service team and retreat to well-appointed staterooms with Disney touches. The staterooms are equipped with special Disney touches and family-friendly conveniences. For example, Disney Cruise Line’s signature split-bath concept allows two people to get ready at the same time. The Disney Adventure will also offer extensive concierge accommodations, providing ultimate luxury and personalized service, including access to exclusive areas and amenities such as a private indoor lounge, an expansive sundeck with a pool and whirlpools, high-end shopping venues, and dedicated spa and fitness facilities.

Disney Adventure
Photo Courtesy: ©Disney

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