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July 20, 2024

Mumbai’s most authentic Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai eateries

Jade Crasto
The desire for Southeast Asian cuisine has struck Indians hard, with scores of eateries springing up across the country. However, only a few of them maintain loyal to the cuisine’s traditions rather than “Indianizing” it. If you want to acquire the actual essence of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Thai food and not just any old and boring hakka noodles, then head to these eateries that will blow your taste buds away!
Photo Courtesy: Kuuraku
Kuuraku is a true Japanese restaurant on Bandra’s Linking Road and is all you would expect a restaurant in Japan to be. It includes hardwood fixtures and furnishings, as well as square Japanese curtains, and the most pleasant employees, who greet you with the customary Japanese greeting upon entering. To comply with Japanese dining customs, you must place your shoes in little wooden lockers since you cannot eat while wearing your shoes. Another truly Japanese feature is that you can watch your meal being produced in front of you by smiling cooks in their glass kitchen. Salads, sushi, gyozas, skewered meats, ramen, matcha, and anything else you might want in an authentic Japanese restaurant are available, and a dinner here will still be less expensive than at finer Asian restaurants.
Origami Japanese and Korean Restaurant
Photo Courtesy: Origami Japanese and Korean Restaurant
Origami Japanese and Korean Restaurant is a fine dining establishment that serves a distinct fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine. The décor of the restaurant is modern and elegant, with a pleasant and friendly feel. Sushi and sashimi, as well as hot pot and bibimbap, are among the foods on the menu. To compliment the meal, the restaurant also serves sake, beer, and wine. The service is excellent, and the personnel is courteous and attentive. Origami is the ideal setting for a great supper with friends and family.
Photo Courtesy: KOKO
A quintessential Asian fine-dining place set in the bustling midtown Mumbai, KOKO is redefining the luxury dining experience in India. The place specializes in Cantonese and Japanese menu helmed by Chef Eric Sifu alongside an exclusively curated cocktail by inhouse mixologist Dimi Lezinska. KOKO with its traditional Asian menu with a twist is redefining Asian cuisine in the Indian Market.
Photo Courtesy: Yazu
Yazu is the ideal spot to sample exotic Asian cuisines created by perfectly blending tradition and modernity. The restaurant has since relocated to Lower Parel and is poised to become a local hit! Yazu adheres to the greatest quality, service, and producing standards. Built on the principles of high-quality consistency, the finest recipes will satisfy your inner foodie, one dish at a time!
Photo Courtesy: Hengbok
Heng Bok adds to Mumbai’s eclectic cuisine by serving Korean cuisine to foodies eager to branch out and try something new. With a grill-it-yourself barbecue available at the tables, we knew Heng Bok was all about the Oriental experience. Other Korean favourites include deep-fried chicken, dak galbi (a stir fry), japchae (a salad-like meal made with glass noodles), ramyeon (Korean ramen), and hot pots, as well as the whole Kofuku sushi and sashimi menu. Korean sushi rolls are also available, featuring toppings such as kimchi and beef bulgogi.
Royal China
Photo Courtesy: Royal China
The acclaimed Chinese restaurant was founded by Neville and Michelle Vazifdar with the aim of bringing an impressive Asian fine dining experience to the masses. Known for delivering a stellar culinary experience, this iconic restaurant recently completed its 20th anniversary, and introduced new dishes to the menu. With these new additions that have already garnered praise, Royal China has proven that its culinary prowess remains undisputed.
Photo Courtesy: JIA
JIA is a quaint and aesthetically pleasing restaurant that is a favourite among Asian food aficionados out there. With its sophisticated and quaint setting, the elegant, 7-days-a-week establishment serves Asian delicacies that are made with passion, refinement, and precision.
Nara Thai
Photo Courtesy: Nara Thai
Nara Thai is a contemporary restaurant serving a premium Thai culinary experience. With 2 units in Mumbai currently – in the bustlings street of BKC as well as in a colonial bungalow in Colaba, the menu includes a wide selection of punchy salads, spicy, sweet & sour curries, healthy stir-fries and much more.
Thai Naam
Photo Courtesy: Thai Naam
Situated in Mumbai and known for its Thai cuisine, premium fine dining renowned – Thai Naam,  is delighted to announce the launch of its much-anticipated Monsoon Menu for June 2023. This exclusive menu is specially curated to celebrate the enchanting monsoon season, featuring a delectable selection of new dishes that will tantalize the taste buds of discerning food enthusiasts.Thai Naam has always been committed to delivering an unparalleled dining experience, and the Monsoon Menu is no exception. The carefully crafted dishes showcase the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity, flavor, and innovation. With a focus on comfort and warmth, these offerings are designed to complement the ambiance and enhance the enjoyment of the monsoon season.
Photo Courtesy: Foo
India’s first Asian Tapas, Foo, is best described as chic, super friendly and affordable little haven. The dynamic and vibrant space showcases the rich Asian history from a modern perspective. Foo with its authentic Asian menu offers a hearty dose of authentic Chinese, Japanese and mixed Asian Cuisine which is served in a trendy tapas-style, helmed by the culinary master, Chef Eric Sifu.
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