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June 21, 2024

Ready Set Van! The perfect vehicle to have off-grid adventures in style

Arya Singh 

A Tesla-powered, home-on-wheels, built for adventure. Offering four different layouts, the 2020 Ready Set Van, turns into a comfortable, highly functional, living space that is perfect for any lifestyle, from festival-goers to road-trips.
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Creating highly capable and beautiful (van) homes for their adventure-seeking clients, Ready Set Van (R.S.V) says they put their hearts and souls into every square inch of the vans they build.
High Living Standards 
Built on a foundation of Tesla battery modules, the electrical system provides exceptional power for living off-grid in comfort, for as long as you desire.
Every R.S.V. van gets one or more Tesla battery modules, a 3000-watt inverter, alternator charging and solar panels. Starting with such a powerful system makes adding hot water, induction cooking, a toaster oven, air conditioner or anything else a simple matter.
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The vehicle’s kitchens boast commercial-induction cooktops, 80L fridges and deep stainless sinks, with lots of convenient storage and seating designed for comfort.
The Vans can accommodate customizations, as many clients choose to add air conditioning, heating, awnings and roof racks. Indoor showers are available in two of the standard layouts.
Garage Space
The ‘Basecamper’ layout features a huge gear-storage garage below the bed. The standard configuration accommodates two downhill mountain bikes and more.
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The garage also comes with AC outlets, 12v and USB charging. Another standard Basecamper feature is an outdoor shower for rinsing off after your adventures.
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The clever design allows for ample storage space, as well as room for 2 full-size mountain bikes.
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Keeping in mind, every basic need, R.S.V even makes portable or composting toilets available.
R.S.V Layout Options
1) The Basecamper 
The large garage accommodates ample storage space, while the living area is spacious enough for two-four people to relax in comfort. The Basecamper is R.S.V’s most popular build and the van that R.S.V. crew members, themselves, grab when headed out for an adventure!
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It includes a 420 AH Tesla battery, 3000-watt inverter, 400 watts of solar, induction cooktop and other standard system components.
Available for $35,750.
2) The Basecamper Plus
An upgrade from The Basecamper, this model includes an indoor shower. Besides the same deluxe kitchen and garage, this model offers a deluxe shower and toilet with retractable shower door.
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Includes a 420 AH Tesla battery, 3000 watt-inverter, 400 watts of solar, induction cooktop, hot water heater and other standard system components.
Available for $45,250.
3) The Wanderer
With the design centered around a fold-up Murphy bed, The Wanderer is meant for those looking to travel without requiring additional storage space for bikes and other adventure gear. The Murphy bed folds up and out of the way in seconds, allowing you to transform half the van into a large dining area capable of seating four-six people- perfect for festivals and events.
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Includes a 420 AH Tesla battery, 3000-watt inverter, 400 watts of solar, induction cooktop, hot water heater and other standard system components.
Available for $45,750.
4) The Custom Build
While all three layouts are built on a  Ram Promaster 159”, the custom build leaves the choice of platform up to you!
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After several consultations, a final design is decided, and you are provided with a full CAD rendering for final review.
Price for custom build N/A 


A power system with up to three Tesla modules and 12-15 hours of battery life, and a healthy dose of comfort and style- where would you travel in you Ready Set Van?
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