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This lavish, refurbished home in Gurugram is absolutely stunning

Photo credit: Deepak Aggarwal
Mantra One, a New Delhi-based interior design firm has created some stunning residential projects since 2010.

A makeover of a 1,800-sq-ft home in Delhi is amongst their recent projects.

The light-coloured walls and leather furniture align beautifully with rich brass accents in soothing gold tones and stone-topped tables.

The three-bedroom apartment opens up to an opulent living room and dining hall.

In the living area, bespoke craft-intensive furniture gives the space an alluring charm.

The neutral sofas are complemented by a pop of saffron yellow in two elegant armchairs and a unique piece of art.

Flanking the chairs are custom designed, winged side tables, meticulously hand-carved from a single piece of wood.

The space also has distinctively regal griffin sculptures in lustrous die-cast brass.

The glass chandelier and the statement Victorian-inspired are illuminating, statement pieces that add a touch of royalty to the house.

The lounge has a TV, which is built into a back panel in a brown-lacquered mirror.

The beautiful origami birds brass sculpture perched on the table enhances the look of the room.

Dramatic accents such as light fixtures, brass artifacts, colourful curios and soft furnishings add a play of colours to the otherwise muted interiors.

Kapoor’s signature furniture for this residence is the blue chaise with a small cup holder, which is reminiscent of his design vision: functional and graceful.

Photo credits: Deepak Aggarwal
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