10 most iconic Christmas trees around the world

Arushi Sakhuja 
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, or so many believe. And the tradition of lighting up Christmas trees goes way back in time. In the West, it is a custom to pick out a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights, tinsel, wreaths and ornaments. But when the lights are turned on, it is a site worth beholding. And while most cities shine with thousands of lights, we have spotted the showstoppers for this season. From a buzzing beehive-themed tree in Paris to a floating tree in Brazil, Christmas trees embellished in bright baubles, and frosted lights and topped with a glowing fairy or a star ornament have come to represent the magic of Christmas.
With the Christmas cheer in its full glory, here is looking at some of the most iconic Christmas trees and lights around the world that are worth a visit once in your lifetime.
Rockefeller Center in New York City

The Rockefeller Center tree is one of the most sought-after Christmas trees in the world. With a majestic aura, the tree scrapes the sky in the middle of the Rockefeller Complex. And let’s just say there’s nothing like Christmas in New York City. The first lighting is a spectacular event in itself and is watched by millions worldwide.
Covent Garden, London


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One of the most well-known Christmas trees in London is the one at Trafalgar Square. However, Covent Gardens —  a major tourist attraction in London — also had a tree worth visiting. And what’s more? It has artificial snowfall to add to the holiday spirit.
Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

Situated in the middle of one of the most upmarket departmental stores in Paris is the Galeries Lafayette Christmas tree. Every year, a magnificent tree is placed in the heart of Galeries Lafayette’s central court and the Christmas tree is decorated following a different theme each year. In 2022, the theme is outer space. The story is that a tree comes from Elato, another planet. The Nordmann tree is decorated with all sorts of unique objects, including little people shaped like acorns.
Red Square, Moscow
Christmas trees in the world
Photo Courtesy: Freepik
Looking to get that Christmas-sy feeling in Moscow? Then Red Square is undoubtedly the best place to be in during winter.  With a massive ice skating rink, a festive market, and the iconic big ol’ tree, Red Square’s Christmas tree is almost like something from a fairy tale.
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
Christmas trees Vatican
Photo Courtesy: Vatican City
The Vatican city is in itself a gorgeous place, and when you add to it one of the world’s best Christmas trees, the beauty is manifold. This Christmas tree is a majestic 30-meter White Fir tree, from the mountain village of Rosello. The tree is decorated using ornaments that were handcrafted by young people residing at the La Quadrifoglio psychiatric rehabilitation facility along with elderly patients from the Sant’Antonio care centre in Borrello, Italy, and schoolchildren from Pizzoferrato, Quadri, and Villa Santa Maria.
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Photo 104632419 © Alexandre Paes Leme | Dreamstime.com
Photo Courtesy: Alexandre Paes Leme
Ever thought about a floating Christmas tree or a tropical Christmas? If you said, yes then make your way to the Brazilian capital, Rio De Janeiro. The lighting of the floating Christmas tree, in the beautiful inland lake at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas between Ipanema and the Botanical Gardens, marks the beginning of December festivities. Since 1996, the floating Christmas tree has symbolized a beacon of hope and light for the city and has broken the world record for the largest floating Christmas tree standing 278 feet tall with more than 3 million lights.
QV Melbourne
QV Melbourne
Photo Courtesy: QV Melbourne
The Christmas cheer in Australia makes it a must-visit! While the country is at the peak of summer, QV Melbourne’s 50ft tree is decked out in 16,000 glimmering LED lights making it a visual delight. With pop-up entertainment programs, spend the holidays swaying to good music.
Dortmund, Germany
Dortmund, Germany
Photo Courtesy: Freepik
The largest Christmas tree in the world, the Dortmund tree is 147ft high and towers over a collection of 300 traditional wooden stands selling toys, decorations and delicacies. The tree is illuminated with over 48,000 lights and also has one of the best Christmas markets.
Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania
Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania
Photo Courtesy: govilnius.lt
While Lithuania may not be the preferred destination for many, it is recognised during Christmas for its Christmas tree. It has been recognised as one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to its dazzling light displays. This year, Instead of inviting the masses to a magical Christmas town like in the past,  it has been designed to be safely admired at a distance. While the outside is modern, the inside of the installation reveals a traditional tree assuring everyone that the Christmas spirit always stays the same.
Puerta del sol square, Madrid, Spain
Puerta del sol square, Madrid, Spain
Illuminated Christmas tree in the Sol Square in the centre of Madrid
Madrid’s majestic tree in Puerta Del Sol square may not be a natural one, but it’s breathtaking. Standing at an impressive 35-meter tall, the conic-shaped metal construction is designed with digitalised interpretations of a traditional pine tree and is illuminated by textures and colours that are hypnotic.
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