Most expensive Gin
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Arushi Sakhuja  
‘Gin Is In!’ and that’s a fact!  
A drink that was initially used for medicinal purposes given the use of the juniper berry for its healing properties has today become a mainstay behind the bar. Gin, the white spirit that was once synonymous with a 17th-century libation or the chosen tipple of aged aunts everywhere, has re-emerged in the late 2010s and 2020s. Making a glorious comeback in the last few years, gin has become the preferred choice for many millennials and youngsters.  
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Yes, the current gin craze knows no bounds, but the British have been imbibing the gin culture for a while. The drink that was initially associated as uncool, boring, and unexciting has created what we can call a gin-aissance today. India, too, caught onto this global resurgence of gin over the last decade, with G&T’s taking over the bar across the globe. And what better to prove the love for the spirit other than the most recent held event, Gin Explorer’s Club in New Delhi, and Mumbai.   
Most expensive gin
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India was introduced to the classic Gin-and-Tonic during the British Raj, making the drink a staple for blistering summer afternoons and a standard drink at all colonial clubs and restaurants of the period. However, gin remained a drink that was consumed by the older generation. It was only recently that it transitioned to millennials. With gin being the most favoured drink, hundreds of smaller distilleries across the world emerged and simultaneously artisanal tonic brands developed.  
The classic concoction is often infused with fresh mint, lemon, cucumber, a slice of orange or soaked with muddled berries. The freshness of the garnishes seamlessly elevated the flavour and make this a go-to drink for the summer. As the spirit hits the right side of a person’s palate, bartenders, chefs and restauranteurs across the country have begun getting more experimental with their concoctions. Today we see the development of in-house tonics and flavourful infusions have helped in adding finesse to the drink.  
Most expensive Gin
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Distilleries across India have led to the emergence of homegrown craft gins from Jaisalmer to Greater Than, Stranger & Sons to Terai, amongst others. Given its versatile nature, the juniper-infused spirit is today one of the most important building blocks for a delicious cocktail. Being easy to pair with an endless possibility of flavours; no matter what your preference, there is something for every palate.   
Various kinds of gin 
Just like any other spirit, Gin to has various kinds, with London Dry Gin being the most sought-after. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a complete range of gins beyond London Dry that taste just as good (or even better). Here’s a roundup of the most popular kinds of gin: -  
London Dry Gin 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Bombay Sapphire
London Dry Gin does not have to be made in London, rather the USP of this gin lies in the use of Juniper as the hero ingredient. Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, and Greater Than are examples of the gin.  
Plymouth Gin 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Plymouth
Plymouth gin is both a type and a brand of gin that can only be produced in the town of Plymouth and has an earthy feel with a smoother hit.  
Contemporary Gin 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Hendricks
Much like the contemporary resurgence of gin, this gin has flavours of anything but Juniper. With a focus on a botanical profile, these can be fruity, floral, herbal, and spicy. Some well-known ones are Empress 1908, and Hendrick’s Summer. We would recommend using these behind the bar for an unexplored cocktail concoction.  
Most Expensive Gins  
Contrary to Whiskey, gin isn’t a spirit one spends a lot of money on. But the experience of sipping on a bottle of gin with a hefty price tag is a smooth ride for your palate. But what really is the criteria for good gin? The hallmark of expensive gin lies in the use of good quality, production, and the clarity of the botanicals that shine through in the spirit.   
An indulgent experience awaits you as you set your gaze on the most exquisite (and expensive) gins in the world.   
Morus LXIV 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Morus LXIV
Price: USD 4,949 
Some people enjoy a drink while others savour it, if you find yourself in the latter half, this gins the perfect choice for you. Morus LXIV is currently the most expensive gin in the world. With a whopping price tag of USD 4,949, it was created by a London-based distillery, Jam Jar Gin. Produced in limited quantities, the brand exclusively retails at Harvey Nichols.   
What makes this gin truly special is the process to create a beautifully balanced and complex flavour profile. The gin is made with an ancient mulberry tree that lends to its unique flavour profile. Each leaf is hand-harvested and individually dried before distillation, then mixed with other botanicals. Finally, the gin is rested and aged in wooden casks. The entire process takes two years to complete. 
Singing with sweet and savoury notes, the flavour is citrusy, and the leaf adds a woody sweetness to the spirit. As you keep sipping a more intense juniper flavour unveils with a hint of background spice. The flavour reflects the landscape from which the flavours and ingredients come. Exuding luxury is the unconventional packaging in the form of a jar that will leave you captivated at first sight.  
Watenshi Gin 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Watenshi
Price at USD 2,912  
When it comes to design and flavour, Watenshi Gin tops the chart. This is the gin of all gins, also known as the Japanese Angel Gin. Crystal clear in appearance, from the Cambridge Distillery Watenshi, captures that which should not exist. It is made using the angel’s share – a tiny fraction of spirit that otherwise escapes during distillation. Hence it gets its name Watenshi, which means Japanese angel. But what makes it so exclusive is that the distillery yields just 15ml of spirit per distillation, and each batch yields just six bottles. Price at USD 2,912 / 750ml, this surely is luxury in a glass.  
Presented in a hand-blown decanter blown finished with silver, the packaging is as mesmerising as the flavour. Watenshi is a dry, medium-bodied gin that balances undeniable intensity with fresh softness and is certainly one to sip slowly. The unique gin is presented in a hand-blown decanter bottle. Menthol notes of shiso partnered with yuzu citrus deliver lively acidity and energy, while a base of sansho and juniper provides a rich, long finish to savour. Savour it neat or on the rocks.  
Nolet’s Reserve 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Nolet Reserve
Price: USD 700 
An artistically created and packaged bottle, this spirit is a masterpiece. Warm, spicy saffron, the world’s most expensive spice; and verbena to add bright citrus notes, make this a perfect harmony. This gin can only be described as a masterpiece and is the personal creation of Carolus Nolet, Sr. 10th generation distillery owner. The bottles are allocated annually, individually numbers and presented in a prestigious package. It might not be as costly as the other two, but with a price tag of USD 700, Nolet Reserve makes it one of the most expensive gins in the world. Packed in a black and gold chic bottle, the first look is mesmerizing to say the least.  
Cambridge Distillery Anty Gin 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Anty Gin
Price: USD 260 
Eyes don’t lie – yes, you heard it right those are ants in the bottle. While it may be a perturbing sight, the flavours are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. A famous concoction from Cambridge Distillery, Anty Gin, derives its name from one of its key ingredients, ants and to be precise, the essence of 62 wood ants. Adding to the flavour profile are the hand-forged botanicals. The woody notes of the insects are balanced with the flavours of juniper, wildwood avens and nettle to create a unique drink. With a price tag of USD 260, the gin with a distinct flavour is one to savour.  
Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2021 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Monkey Shoulder
Price: USD 179    
One of the popular gin brands, Monkey 47 is a favourite for many but this one is a unique creation by a German distillery. As part of its tradition, each year the distillery produces a special gin every year as a part of its Distillers Cut Collection. The 2021 edition is a smooth and elegant dry gin with a refined, yet spicy top note and a hint of lemon, making it not just a treat for those who love the scent of bergamot. What is also interesting to note is the ever-evolving motif on the gin bottle with the 2021 edition featuring a caricature of a monkey.   
Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin 
Most expensive Gin
Photo Courtesy: Forager
Price: USD 100    
Ever thought of creating a gin to celebrate your wedding? Well think again, Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin was made exclusively for the Royal wedding in May 2018. A Welish limited edition gin with 440 bottles crafted, and a mere 250 bottles available to public. It was an exclusive coming together of two brands Clogau, and Snowdonia Distillery. Crafted to perfection, the gin is made with six hand-picked botanicals from the Welsh coastline and mountains including juniper, cameo apple, sea buckthorn, heather, gorse flower, and elderberry.     
If you are a connoisseur of food and beverages, the next time you fly out, be sure to return to town with an additional gin to add to your collection.  
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