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June 21, 2024

Adarsh Gourav’s fitness regime for his transformation in ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’

By Anushka Manik
Among the latest films doing the rounds, Netflix’s “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan” has got a lot of accolades as the quintessential movie for Gen Z, who often find themselves adrift in today’s world. Directed by Arjun Varain Singh, the film provides a stark reminder of the facade many individuals uphold in their seemingly glamorous lives on social media and in the pursuit of celebrating every moment. Beyond its profound relatability, the standout element that captured attention was Neil Pareira, portrayed by Adarsh Gourav, and his remarkable physical prowess for the role of a physical trainer — a breathtaking transformation.
Portraying the character of a calisthenics instructor, Adarsh’s physique took centre stage in this role. The individual responsible for sculpting the desired physical form was none other than Robin Behn, Co-founder of The Tribe. To get a deeper insight into what went into the process, we had a conversation with Robin Behl, who shared his experience of working with Adarsh in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, and all about his stunning transformation.

Image Courtesy: The Tribe

1. Can you share insights into your journey from being a martial arts and movement virtuoso at the Shaolin Temple to becoming a multifaceted fitness coach and dancer?
I come from a dynamic background and I have travelled for seven years looking for a teacher, looking for an art, looking for physicality that inspired me, that made me want to move, that made me want to evolve, that made me want to move towards personal development. I was never looking at being a specialist, I was just obsessed with nature, I was obsessed with physicality in nature which took me from training Kung Fu to surfing to diving to being a mountaineer to fighting Muay Thai and even practicing different martial arts. These things have taken me to a place where I kind of understand my body, gives me the ability to understand various other bodies and adapt to different bodies and different environments to create programs for people, to help them develop and heal.  
2. You were assigned as Adarsh Gourav’s fitness mentor for ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan,’ and the director aimed for him to achieve a physique akin to Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Can you walk us through the process?
We had to get the aesthetics in place, and the art, of course, of being able to manoeuvre your own body weight in different plains using bars, gymnastic ring and parallel bars. We developed certain Calisthenic skills which are very useful and very used as well in the practice. We pushed on to those, we worked on our muscle, we worked on cleaning up the chin up, cleaning up the pull up where it looks like one can do it in his sleep. We had to develop his legs from the floor as he was not always a very big guy and his lower body always took time to develop. We also had some weight training to add finesse to the muscle to make it look more defined. I also initiated some subtleness and soft acrobatics to his practice to keep his body easy. I wanted his body language to look easy and not too rigid. I wanted him to be the guy who looks like he knows what he is doing. He can move, he can lift, he can run, he can fight and he is that guy.
3. Adarsh Gourav’s role in the film required a focus on calisthenics training. Can you elaborate on the benefits of calisthenics and its role in sculpting a physique like Adarsh’s for the movie?
The benefits I would say is longevity, you’re doing a lot of hanging work which works well for the shoulders and the spine. One is building such a strong foundation, elongating that body which allows your muscles to also free itself and develop in a certain way. Of course the foundation of strength is immense which weight training can never probably matchup to, according to me. People may have different views.

Image Courtesy: The Tribe

4. In addition to calisthenics, weight lifting was introduced to add finesse to the muscles. How did you balance these two training approaches to achieve the desired results?
We had to keep it a mix and make sure he was not getting too rigid and not lifting too heavy either. We are not lifting too light, we are not burning out too much on the pulling and pushing and the lower body work.
5. How do you tailor fitness routines for individuals with different body types and fitness goals, considering Adarsh Gourav started with a super lean body and built up for his role?
I had to keep it very structured, I had to keep it very balanced, I had to introduce a de-load week every fifth week. We cut the sets by half, the weights by half, letting the body just adapt and recover well while keeping it active.
6. ‘Dancexercise’ is a unique term associated with your fitness regimen. Could you delve into what it entails and how it sets The Tribe’s approach apart in the fitness landscape?
I would say it is about the freedom of movement. We don’t move just to look good but to feel good and allow ourselves to express with freedom using our bodies, while keeping our mentality free. The freedom of movement is internal and external.

Image Courtesy: The Tribe

 7. As a co-founder of The Tribe, how do you create a fitness environment that caters to a diverse range of clients and their specific needs?
We have a saying that goes “We move together” so it does not matter how bad I am or good you are or how amazing I am at something. It does not matter at all, as we move together. If I am good at something and you’re not, I will make sure I will help you get better at it. You’re going to make sure that you allow me to do the same and vice-versa. It is a community of people that lifts each other up, picks each other up at whatever level you are at.
8. Can you share any memorable experiences or challenges you encountered while working with Adarsh Gourav?
Adarsh and I have had some really amazing moments together. I was not just his trainer through this whole thing but he allowed me to be his mentor and guide through this. He was kind of my teacher wherein I was learning so much from him. He asked me the right questions that made me also add points, find and explore different answers to, see what I was doing and my method and approach. We have had some moments where he had self doubt. He panicked saying something like — this is not working out for me — or I have only a little time to get my body in the right shape and I don’t think I will be able to make it. At that moment, I also had to stand my ground and say if you believe so, then maybe you find somebody else and I am not the right guy for the job. He appreciated my bluntness and confidence. Some days Arjun used to step in and be like — ‘boys you need to get it together and do this together.’ We had those panic calls but the next day we were going even harder and even more driven so that was a good moment to have. 

Anushka Manik


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