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June 21, 2024

As light as a cloud! Boucheron’s high jewellery collection is a work of art and technology

Pratishtha Rana

The 160-year old French Maison Boucheron’s newest haute joaillaire evokes a sense of time that has been paused. It captures intangible movements in solid, jewelled pieces think a raindrop that dissolves on the ground even before you know it, or a passing cloud in the sky, or the soft fluttering of feather that goes unnoticed. Such moments that cannot be conveyed in words has taken the form of necklace, earring, pendant or a ring.
Designed under the creative direction of Claire Choisne, the jewels are a unique fusion of bling and minimalism. The colours and texture revolve around translucent whites, aquamarine and electric blues. Titled Contemplation, discover the collection here.
Nuage En Apesanteur (Weightless cloud)  


Imagine wearing a glimmering cloud around your neck; the Weightless Cloud by Boucheron looks and feels precisely like that. To depict a full, aerial element of the cloud, the Maison, along with a programmer developed an algorithm to create countless 3D dots to form a cloud-shaped structure, which is accented with over 4,018 diamonds and tiny glass beads on it.
Goutte de Ciel (Skydrop)

Skydrop, Goutte de Ciel

The brand’s attempt to offer a piece of sky was achieved thoroughly, and stunningly so. This necklace is made up of Aerogel, known to be the lightest material in the world with 99.8 per cent air and 0.2 per cent of silica. Aerogel is encapsulated in a rock crystal case that suspends from a diamond-studded necklace.
Fenetre Sur Ciel (Window onto the sky) 
Window onto the sky, Fenetre Sur Ciel
A neckpiece that looks like a window peeking into the sky, it is inspired by James Turrell’s artwork Open Sky. As light and limber as fabric, it is made of titanium and covered with airbrushed, luminous mother of pearl and diamonds.
Bleu Infini (Infinite blue) 
The exceptional, artistic shape of a drop of water right before it falls on a surface has been captured and created into a solid jewelled piece. A metaphor of frozen time, these drop earrings feature 121.84 carat aquamarines.
En Passant (Passing through) 
Passing through, En Passant
Moving clouds find stillness in a few pieces crafted by Boucheron such as a pair of earrings and a ring. Taken from its own design archives of 1901, the 2020 recreation allows for a more flexible and graphic-oriented design.
Avant le Frisson (Before the Frisson) 
A light, swish blow on a dandelion makes its tiny seeds fly away, and those few seconds of its movement has been designed into a delicate choker of titanium threads, set with diamonds. 

Goutte de Silence (Silence drop) 

Silence drop, Goutte de Silence
The elongated structure of a drop before it actually drops is reinterpreted on a serpent boheme icon, bedecked with mother of pearl in the center and contoured with diamonds and white gold.
Fleche du Temps (Time Arrow) 
Boucheron fleche-du-temps
The arrow is a part of Boucheron’s legacy since the 1870s, and has been redesigned as a symbol of travelling through time. With mother of pearl and pavé diamonds as the main elements, one will find a set of earrings and a brooch shaped like edgy-luxe darts under this theme.

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Pratishtha Rana


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