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June 19, 2024

Can’t find a flight to your destination? Try flight pooling with JetClass

Flying restrictions has severely reduced flight operations across the world. As a solution to the problem, Vienna-based company JetClass has introduced flight pooling. Founded by Vladislav Zenov and Wagas Ali, JetClass allows consumers to book seats on a private jet at a cost similar to that of a business class ticket.  
Picture Courtesy: JetClass
Vladislav Zenov and Wagas Ali, Co-founders of JetClass
The not-for-profit initiative was announced earlier this month.

How does fight pooling work?
Register and become a part of JetClass’s FlightPooling community
Search for your route. If you can’t find any flights, you can create one yourself. A minimum of 6 fliers wanting to fly to the same destination can make for one flight.
You can interact with other members and share your route. Once the minimum passenger requirement is met, preliminary approval from authorities will be taken and a booking form will be sent to you for payment. The cost of the flight is shared equally between passengers with no margin added.
A flight brief will be sent to you 24 – 48 hours prior to departure to ensure you have a smooth experience.
The flight generally departs and lands through General Aviation Terminals in order to avoid congested areas. However, some times the flight may have to use commercial terminals.
The fare is inclusive of all amenities including catering, newspapers and baggage.
For Representational Purpose. Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay
JetClass is offering flights to any city with open borders and is up-to-date with the entry and quarantine requirements for each destination market.
Inflight services will not be offered on short-haul routes, although for longer haul flights arrangements will be made.
The company will adhere to all safety precautions such as protective gear for the flight crew, sanitising the aircraft as well as temperature-screening before boarding.

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