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June 24, 2024

The world’s first energy-positive hotel to open in the Arctic Circle is a design wonder

The world’s most environment friendly hotel is readying to open its doors in 2022. Svart hotel, strategically located near the Svartisen glacier in Norway, north of Arctic Circle, is a stellar example of sustainable hospitality. This low-impact hotel designed by the architect firm Snøhetta will not only consume 85 per cent less energy than a conventional state-of-the-art hotel but will also generate solar energy for hotel operations and construction of the building.

Courtesy: Snøhetta
The name Svart, which means black in Old Norse, refers to the deep-blue colour of the Svartisen glacier and pays homage to it natural heritage.
The property will service two electric boats for water transfers and will feature 99 rooms, an expansive 1,000 sq metre spa, a farm, and four restaurants among other recreational spaces.

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Guests can enjoy enthralling panoramic views of the glacier, Northern Lights in the sky above and the pristine blue water of the fjord below, all thanks to the glass façade that wraps around the entire hotel.
Courtesy: Snøhetta
Svart’s perfect circular design at first glance, seems to be floating in the air, atop the clear waters of the Holandsfjorden Fjord. The entire structure is inspired by the Norwegian coastal building norms and two key architectural forms of Fiskehjell (A-shaped wooden structure used to dry fish) and Rorbue (a seasonal home for fishermen). The property is supported with weather-resistant wooden poles that sit a few meters below the water surface, ensuring minimal environmental footprint.

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Courtesy: Snøhetta
Luxury Travel Magazine recently revealed the first looks of the property’s wellness wing: Svart Spa, Health and Wellness Clinic. Focused on personalised services and responsible wellness, the spa will provide its guests with a three-part program of ‘Climatise, Condition and Evolve’. The treatments for the mind, skin and body will include facials, sound-healing, reflexology, cryotherapy and nutrition coaching, infused products sourced from the Nordic locale. 
Courtesy: Svart
The futuristic powerhouse
Svart plans to go off-grid and carbon-neutral within five years of its launch, which means that all operations such as its sustainable farm, spa, education centre, on-site design lab, restaurants and boats will be self-sustained in terms of electricity and waste management. 
Courtesy: Snøhetta


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