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May 21, 2024

Covid-19 miracle: 1960s iconic British eyewear brand, Curry & Paxton, revived by Mason Sons

Muskaan Thakur

Curry & Paxton, a signature eyewear brand was recently revived by Mason & Sons. After achieving immense fame back in the 1960s, the brand had to shut its doors in 1987.
Fortunately, on its 100th anniversary, David Mason revived the brand with an aim of surpassing its former glory.
Mason & Sons, a Luxury Fashion House for gentlemen is dedicated to blending old-school craftsmanship and modern technology. Started by David Mason, the house is an umbrella for brands and products that represent the best of British style and has been dormant in the industry for years. They have also resurrected a few of the most renowned brands in Britain’s history with Paxton & Curry being the newest addition to this list. Here are the historic names this house has resurrected:
Curry & Paxton
Funeral to Berlin. Source: Mason and Sons
Funeral in Berlin. Source: Mason & Sons
By 1960s, this brand was a nationwide chain. Its loyal customers included Sir Michael Caine, star of Harry Palmer’s The Italian Job trilogy and even members from the Royal Family such as the Duke of Windsor. The glasses are back in business with high-grade cellulose optical frames crafted by world-famous Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli. Also, Caine’s patronage, the YVAN model has made its comeback as well. Shop the look at Curry & Paxton. Don’t forget to check out their new Centenary collection for both men and women.
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Anthony Sinclair
Sean Connery. Source: Mason & sons
Sean Connery getting ready as 007. Source: Mason & sons
This brand is responsible for Sean Connery’s flawlessly handcrafted suits in the James Bond series, we’ve grown up watching. During the 1950s, Anthony Sinclair launched Conduit Cut, an hourglass-shaped suit tailored to complement the athletic physiques of the military men. One of the clients, an Irish Guards officer, Terence Young directed the first-ever Bond film named Dr. No. Young was the one who introduced Connery to the brand. After being revived, the brand is now continuing with its remarkable bespoke tailoring. You can even shop the ready-made suits and get the 007 look exclusively at Mason & Sons.
Mr. Fish
Mike Jagger and David Bowie in Man dresses. Source: Mason & Sons
Mike Jagger and David Bowie in Man dresses. Source: Mason & Sons
Micheal Fish was the man who led the ‘Peacock Revolution’ of the 1960s. He introduced colours and patterns that were perfect for the age of social liberation and the newly dandified man. His designs were worn by rock stars and royalty, artists and aristocrats, from David Bowie and Mick Jagger to Pablo Picasso and Lord Lichfield.
After Anthony Sinclair, Director Young introduced Sean Connery to Mr. Fish for his cocktail-cuff shirt that went on to become an inseparable part of the 007 look. He is credited for creating the Kipper Tie and the controversial ‘man-dress’. He even had a cameo in The Italian job. Unfortunately, due to a fire in the premises, the business was forced to shut down. After 40 years, the brand is back to carry forward Mr. Fish’s legacy.
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Salvador Dali in Teddy bear coat. Source: Mason & Sons
Salvador Dali in Teddy bear coat. Source: Mason & Sons
Born in 1905, this brand designed heavy fur coats suitable for winter motorists. Alpaca fur fabric was used for the same. In the 1920s, these coats emerged as a fashion statement and were worn by Ivy league university students. Their teddy bear coats rose to fame and were adorned by everyone from artists like Salvador Dali to politicians like Winston Churchill. However, following the 1973 oil crisis and stock market crash, Motoluxe disappeared due to the dying economy. In 2016, it was resurrected with a modern collection for travel in comfort – on road, at sea, and in the air. Get your own travel-friendly teddy bear coat and Modern Popover Shirt here.

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