Kashmiri Metal Silver Tray

Schenelle Dsouza 

Art for Concern as an initiative was started in 1998 to provide a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their works. At the same time, the platform also provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to build their collections while giving to charity.

Their latest presentation organised by Secure Giving is called “Quintessential “- an adjective representing a typical example
of class features a curated collection of noteworthy eclectic and classic pieces. The theme of the initiative “Stories to be retold “
A pair of Chinese Vases
Stories are told through the many pieces— weaves, embroideries, arts, architecture, engravings, and calligraphy. These tales are shared with the present generation through precious collectibles, giving them the opportunity to own a slice of heritage.
Silver Lion
Timeless and classic, quirky and quaint, would be the perfect description of these pieces. Both heritage and contemporary styles come together to bring a memento of the bygone eras to life.
A Chinese Camphor Chest
The main purpose of Quintessential is to help promote the living traditions of India and its cultural diversity. With this initiative, the event brings into focus many pre-owned, loved and greatly enjoyed pieces like chests, lamps, rugs, occasional furniture, and other home accents that will add to the conversation as each has ‘a story to tell’.
A pair of Chinese Fu dogs
Each of the weaves form a narrative which are part of “sustainability-led fundraising” for grassroot programs in education, health and community development.
Silver Nandi
The show endeavours to raise financial resources for Concern India Foundation which was set up in 1991 with the belief that given an opportunity, people have the power to change their own lives and become self-reliant.
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