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June 23, 2024

Five top professionals reveal the secrets and merits of power dressing

Riya Bafna

In the corporate world, the way you dress matters. It indicates your business personality and your intent. Even in the world of online meetings and work-from-home, the right look matters.
Power dressing; tall lean silhouettes, padded shoulders, heels, curated colour palettes, layers and accessories are used meticulously to create ‘the power look.’
We ask influential professionals across the board to reveal their go-to corporate dressing secret.

Simple and sharp

“One must dress to make an impact”, says Anuradha Bhalla, a financial services professional and an entrepreneur. “Placing importance to your attire conveys control and superiority. It strengthens your character.” A structured but soft silhouette with straight pants and a jacket gives her the look she wants. Simplistic, sharp and professional. “Your clothes walk in before you,” she adds.
@priyankachopra wearing Theory and Fendi

Accessorise right

Neha Ranavat, Head of Brand Strategy for Brand Capital International explains how dressing well helps boost her confidence. She emphasizes that it’s a part of carrying oneself well. “I like to mix and match my colours. Pairing my clothes with statement jewellery and bold accessories is my power look.” 
@sonamkapoor wearing Burberry

The right colour palette

Chavi Moodgal, Group Chief Strategy Officer of InCred talks about her workwear style. Wearing a knee-length fitted dress, a jacket, a few tasteful accessories and always a good pair of shoes is the perfect curation of her work look. “A formal look would involve a more traditional dark or neutral palette while a less formal one would involve softer tones and more colour,” she says while illustrating the importance of appropriate colour palettes.
Paying attention to the details completes everything.
@deepikapadukone wearing Balmain

Keep it dynamic

Haigreve Khaitan, the managing partner at Khaitan and Co., a law firm, explains that dressing to work is necessary to make a good first impression and to gain respect from others. “Your look in the workplace subtly communicates your seriousness towards your job, your preparedness and commitment.” His dressing changes with the type of clients he meets with. A suit and tie with seniors, a shirt and a jacket without a tie with a younger crowd and a crisp shirt for weekend meetings.
 “Dressing appropriately to suit different times and people conveys power in the best way.”
@sidmalhotra wearing Giorgio Armani

Be you

Laveena Mitha, an educationist, talks about curating her style with her audience in mind. Keeping a light, pastel wardrobe helps her work effectively with children while her darker, more formal wardrobe with well-tailored suits is what she uses when accompanying her husband for business meetings. “Putting effort into your look shows that you’re taking the trouble to create that impression. It speaks about your character.”
@deepikapadukone wearing Alberta Ferretti
Dressing appropriately does affect the workplace. It adds an element of professionalism, discipline and identity, to the group. It affects the way people interact with you, and more importantly, how you project yourself. Your seriousness, your work ethic, your nature or the way you like things to be. “I dress up for myself and for the perception that I want people to have of me,” explains Neha Ranavat. “People do view you differently when you put in the effort. Your look speaks volumes about who you are.” It communicates assertion, dominance and confidence.








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