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June 14, 2024

Stunning jewellery pieces that capture the beauty of the rains

Muskaan Thakur

The spell of rain after a hot summer can be invigorating. At other times, it sets the mood for romance. For many, the monsoons serve as the inspiration for creative pursuits.
Whether it is a light shower or heavy droplets of rain, these jewellers have immortalised the many moods of falling water in gold and diamonds.
LuxeBook curates the best monsoon-inspired jewellery
Tiffany & Co.’s Teardrop


Source: Tiffany & Co
Source: Tiffany & Co.
Designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co., the teardrop collection reminds one of a solitary raindrop or of shining morning dew. Our top two picks from the collection are this sterling silver chain with a teardrop pendant and platinum earrings with pavé diamonds.
Theo Fennell’s Waterfall Suite
Source: Theo Fennell
Source: Theo Fennell
The Merelani Mint Garnet, Diamond & Pearl Waterfall necklace and earrings were created using 18k white gold, diamonds, pearls and garnets.
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Boodles’ Raindrop collection
Source: Boodles
Source: Boodles
Crafted using moonstones, pink opals and diamonds set in 18k white gold, this collection captures the soft patter of rain on an open expanse of water as it falls and creates gentle, radiating ripples. Featured here is the exquisite bracelet from the collection.
Baldwin’s waterfall
Source: Baldwin
Source: Baldwin
Baldwin’s Waterfall collection is inspired by the mesmerizing movement of falling water. The ripples and cascading effect has been beautifully captured in the necklace, earrings and rings from the collection. Available in white, gold and rose gold in different karatage, the diamond can be replaced by the gemstone of your choice.
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Vaibhav Dhadda’s Multicolour Raindrops
Source: Vaibhav Dhadda
Source: Vaibhav Dhadda
Indian jeweller Vaibhav Dhadda, in his Gradient collection, has replicated the chromatic beauty of the rainbow. The earrings, rings and bracelets are inundated with aquamarine, peridot, citrine, garnet, Rhodolite, amethyst and pavé diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.



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