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July 18, 2024

Friday luxury news wrap

Arushi Sakhuja 
It’s been a whirlwind of a week when it comes to luxury news flashes. While the capital was buzzing on a journey down the road ogling at Vintage cars Pero’s Aneeth Arora collaborated with American designer Jonathan Cohen for a limited edition of five upcycled denim jackets and Apple could be making a more expensive iPhone the iPhone Ultra. Here is all there is to know when it comes to luxury news.
Tiffany and Co has unveiled its new exclusive high-jewellery capsule collection 
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Photo Courtesy: Tiffany and Co./ Instagram
“Bird on a Pearl”. The American jeweller takes the Schlumberger-designed “Bird on a Rock” and has released a derivative capsule collection consisting of 21 designs. The “Bird on a Pearl” collection includes a mismatched pair of earrings — bestowing each with a diamond-set bird with one perched on a dark grey pearl and the other on a white pearl. There is also a brooch, a necklace with three strands of pearls and a whole flock of Schlumberger birds affixed, and a pendant strung on a diamond-flecked chain. Swipe on for a glimpse of the collection.
Mercedes Benz has increased its car price by 43% since 2019  
Photo Courtesy: Mercedes‑Maybach
Owning a Mercedes-Benz has always been a status symbol. Now the carmaker is pushing even further up the market. The average price of a Mercedes reached $76,590 last year, a 43% increase over 2019 levels. The hike reflects a strategy of focusing on top-end models, like the S-class sedan, to bolster profits. 
Apple is reportedly making a more expensive iPhone Ultra  
Apple iPhone 14
Photo Courtesy: Apple
Reportedly, Apple is creating a new phone the iPhone ultra which is more expensive than the existing models. CEO Tim Cook claimed that the price rise is not an issue and that people can be convinced to spend more money. The iPhone Ultra, an upcoming and highly anticipated smartphone from Apple might debut in 2024 alongside the iPhone 16 series. 
Mac Cosmetics launches its Hyper Real Skincare  
One of the prominent makeup brands, Mac cosmetics is finally venturing into skincare with its new Hyper Real skincare collection. Launched a few days ago, the collection currently includes three products: a Hyper Real Serumizer which is a skin-balancing hydration serum, a Hyper Real SkinCanvas Balm Moisturizing Cream and a Hyper Real Fresh Canvas Cleansing Oil. Formulated with a Japanese peony extract and MAC’s exclusive Pro-4 Power Infusion Matrix, the skincare line claims to boost complexion by increasing cell turnover and reducing dullness to provide a smooth canvas for makeup application.
Pero’s Aneeth Arora collaborated with American designer  


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Pero’s Aneeth Arora collaborated with American designer Jonathan Cohen for a limited edition of five upcycled denim jackets.  that blended Cohen’s floral prints from his Spring/Summer 2023 collection with Arora’s knack for patchwork and embroidery. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted and hand-embroidered on deadstock denim sourced from Italy, including one with exploding daisies which is spray-painted to give the illusion of them exploding, or patches of fabrics that are stuffed and bloated to make them look like puffy, overgrown balloons and flowers.
Air India to be the next Emirate orders 470 new jets  
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Photo Courtesy: Air India / Instagram
Air India was recently acquired by Tata and with a new collaboration with Singapore airlines. Tata, the new owner of Air India, aims to change that with a record order of 470 jets. The new aircraft are meant to help the carrier compete with the likes of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways — and with a list price value likely exceeding $60 billion, it might be the biggest deal in commercial aviation history with this India’s hopes to transform itself into a world-class aviation hub. Could this be the luxury news that can change the world?
The Chanakya X Significant Cars India vintage car showcase in the capital  
luxury news
Photo Courtesy: Significant Cars India/ Instagram
Luxury news for the week is all about vintage cars. Luxury car collectors from the country got together at The Chanakya in collaboration with Significant Cars India to showcase their range of exquisite cars at The Chanakya on 19 March, Sunday.  While the city gorged on the beauty of 22 vintage dating from the
The 1920s to the 1980s
cars comprised some of the most elegant and classic cars of all time. From Bugatti to Mustangs, Cadillacs and Rolls Royce.
Vintage Care showcase
Photo Courtesy: The Chanakya
The display was followed by a prize distribution ceremony. The car owners were awarded prizes by The Chanakya in the following categories: Best of Show Vintage car, Best of Show Classic car, Most elegant car, Best restored car and most ‘significant’ car.  
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