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July 22, 2024

How to throw a rocking birthday party while locked in

Twinkle Dharmani

Birthday is one of the most special days of our lives and just because we are quarantined right now doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Check out some really cool ideas to enjoy your day even while you’re practising social distancing.
Host a Netflix watch party
For those who enjoy low-key celebrations, what’s better than watching your favourite show or movie with your loved ones. All you’ve to do is to pick a suitable time, grab some popcorn and you’re all set to binge.
Click here to know how to host a watch party on various streaming apps.
Representational image. Courtesy- Pexels
Representational image. Courtesy- Pexels
Make homemade wine
We Indians have a jugaad for almost every problem. So what if it’s difficult to source liquor; here’s a way you could make wine (a stronger version in fact) using just the basic items from your pantry and treat yourself and your family to some much-needed booze.
Host a Zoom theme party
Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for a party. You could organise a virtual theme party, connect with your gang over a video call and celebrate just like you would’ve celebrated otherwise.
If music lifts up your mood, you could team up with your friends and host a karaoke competition.
Virtual treasure hunt and scavenger hunt
Many cool websites out there have so many fun, virtual treasure hunts, which you can play with your friends online. This one is a cool art and museum treasure hunt. 
There there is also a fun, online scavenger hunt that can be played on Goosechase.
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