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June 20, 2024

Quilting Tree’s Co-Founder Farida Khanbahadur talks about styling bedrooms with a quilt and not following trends

Ruhi Gilder


Established in 2018, under the parent brand, All Home Living, Quilting Tree provides a range of baby quilts, comforters and quilts, all made with traditional quilting techniques.
The brand is renowned for their beautifully printed floral, patchwork patterns and ruffled bedspreads, different designs that have something for everyone.
In an interview with LuxeBook, Co-Founder, Farida Khanbahadur takes us through their new bedding collection, perfect for a snuggle in the winters.
How did you begin your journey into the world of quilting?
Being a fashion designer, fabric has always intrigued me. I am also passionate about home styling and that drove me to launch my label ‘Quilting Tree’. Our collection includes quilted bedspreads, which are available in solid colours, prints, embroidery, and patchwork. I realised that there wasn’t too much variety in quilts available in India, especially online. The idea was to meet every individual’s taste and style. We have a collection of quilted rugs in velvet and cotton too, which are unique owing to their non-slippery base and lovely designs.
What are the traditional quilting techniques used at the Quilting Tree? 
The traditional technique that we still incorporate in our quilts is patchwork, this is how quilted bedspreads were created in earlier times, by attaching old pieces of fabric together. Now we do the same in a much more refined manner, and we also have a few quilts which are hand-stitched.
What are the new trends you foresee in the home décor industry?
People have become more aware of trends today. However, I believe no trend should overshadow your individual style as your home reflects your persona.
The style I foresee is minimalistic home décor products. People now prefer solid colour bedcovers over prints and patterns, simple and modern furniture designs and elegant decorative pieces. They say simplicity is the key to sophistication, and the same applies to home décor. I would recommend having exclusive pieces that are more timeless rather than cramming your space with trendy products.
What is your design inspiration for the latest collection?
The new ‘Emel’ collection signifies a wish or desire. I wanted to create an eternal collection that is universally desirable. Simple yet elegant patterns were the building blocks used. We added ruffles to solid colour quilts to create a dreamlike pattern. The abstract designs on our printed collection are not only captivating, but offer warmth with fur fabrication on the underside.
According to you, why are quilts such an important aspect of home décor?
The glamour that a quilt offers to your bedroom is unmatched. Not only does it give a royal touch, but adds to practicality as well. They provide warmth, comfort and the best part is that they do not crinkle or crumple as bedsheets do.

How has the pandemic impacted the in-store shopping experience at the Quilting Tree?
While the pandemic has deeply impacted footfall at our store, our online sales have seen a great rise thanks to social media.
What are your long-term goals for All Home Living? 
All Home Living is a one-stop home decor brand dealing with mirrored furniture, quilts, rugs, cuckoo clocks, lights, home décor and home technology. Our long-term goal is to be a part of every Indian home by providing exclusive and unique products online and open our stores in other cities. Presently we have a retail outlet in Pune by the name Ozel Homes.

At Quilting Tree each design is a labour of love, handcrafted with great care, and is delivered PAN India on and at their store in Pune.




Ruhi Gilder


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