Scents that Emote: Bulgari Allegra Collection

Bulgari’s new collection, Allegra, means joyful in Italian. Handcrafted by French perfumer Jacques Cavallier, these personalised scents focus on five elements that personify the Italian lifestyle.  

Eau de Parfum, Riva Solare whisks you away to an azure blue sky, glimmering waves and stands for excitement. Find Joy in the floral fruity aroma of Rock’n’Rome, fall in Love with the sensual Fiori D’Amore replete with the essence of red raspberry and roses. Glimpse a hint of Euphoria with Fantasia Veneta sprinkled with hints of vanilla, peach and patchouli. Freefall into a haze of Pleasure, Dolce Estasi with a hit of nostalgia and zest of Italian citrus.  

Amplify those base emotions with a layer of magnified essences, pick from More Energy, More Love, More Sophistication, More Comfort or More Sensuality. Each stand for the aroma of Bergamot, Rose, Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli.  
A range of colourfully designed bottles, brimming with notes of enchanting extracts make for emotionally tangible auras. The concept of #MagnifyForMore gives each woman the power to mix and match to create a custom scent. Playful perfumes that give you luxury in a bottle, that’s the bespoke Bulgari Allegra collection for you. 
The outer packaging of the collection is made with 100% responsibly sourced paper and 80% of the box is derived from recycled sources and regenerated material!
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