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April 20, 2024

IPL and chill: Get these refreshing craft beers and ciders home delivered

Pratishtha Rana
That time of the year is here – TV screen, a comfy couch, a platter of scrummy munchies and you cheering your favourite IPL team! Oh, did we forget to mention a chilled, frothy glass of craft beer!
As the number of Covid-19 cases is rising again, restaurants have temporarily ceased physical dining as well as live IPL match screenings. But various food outlets, including bars and microbreweries have resorted to takeouts and home deliveries to keep the fervour for gourmet dining going.
For the lovers of craft beer, a variety of refreshing brews can now be delivered right at your doorstep, in growlers. Growlers are air-tight containers made of glass or stainless steel that let the craft beer travel the distance well, without any issues of spilling or the liquid going flat.
Right in time for IPL, here are the best craft beer outlets in Mumbai you can order your growlers from.
Drifters Breweries
Drifters Breweries first launched a growler station in Pune, in December last year. Two more outlets opened in Mumbai and Thane this January – all three stations are home delivering. Drifters’ beer menu has four aromatic Lager, Irish red ale, cream stout, apple and kokum ciders. The brewery is also offering flavour-bomb red drift IPA, West Coast IPA, slang IPA in its on-going IPA fest with offers like buy 4 get 1 or buy 8 get 2 free.

Visit or call 085912 71371 

Brew Whale
Brew Whale is a boutique craft brewery, popular for its handcrafted range of beers. Home delivering across Mumbai in 1-litre growlers, the menu lists Belgian wheat beer, dark toasted Lagers, strong-bodied IPAs and Stouts infused with bitter-sweet coffee and chocoloate notes. Brew Whale also has a limited-edition, seasonal menu, Endangered Searies, which offers Belgian Witbier, American Dark Lager, Coffee Stout and more.
All their beer varieties are delivered in reusable, refillable growlers.

Visit or Whatsapp on +918928543276.

Foo Brew
Mumbai’s two popular Asian fine-dines by restaurateur Tham Brothers, Foo and KOKO, are brewing their own beer variation too. Imbued with a hint of Japanese brew culture, Foo Brew offers delicately packed rice beer in 1-litre growlers. If you’re one to experiment with your beer, then this golden-hued liquid definitely is a super refreshing, light-bodied craft beer to try. It is made in collaboration with Pune-based Great State Aleworks and Pebble Street Hospitality.

Order on

Gateway Brewing Company
In Mumbai’s microbrewery scene, Gateway Brewing Company’s craft beer is one not to miss. It has fresh ales and hops from Colaba’s Effingut Brews and over ten varieties of craft beer. One can choose from the Original White Zen, the darker Doppelganger, Mosaic IPA, Zini Lager made from locally sourced rice, Monk’s potion and their newest, Kviek Red ale made from fermented Norwegian yeast.
Gateway Brewing delivers its beers in 1-litre PET bottles or glass growlers and also has 5-litre party kegs for a perfect at-home revelry.

Woodside Inn
With three beer shoppes across Colaba, Bandra and Andheri, Woodside Inn has a perfect selection of craft brews available in 1-litre reusable growlers. Whether you’re craving a malty, basil-infused American Blonde Ale or the sharp, citrusy Mosaic IPA loaded with mosaic hops from the US or a vibrant New England style IPA, Tutti Frutti, there’s a brew for everybody.

Order at

Doolally Craft Beers
Doolally, since its launch in 2009, has seen hop lovers in India grow, and their tastes evolve. Currently pouring its finest beers in Pune, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Doolally’s menu features a mix of ciders and craft beers like Brut IPA, Belgian Wit and English Wit. It also has IPL-special combos that has 1-litre beer, a mocktail, fries, pizza and a dessert!

Order at

Thirsty Fox Cider
Entrepreneur Siddharth Sheth launched Thirsty Fox in late 2019, introducing the raging trend of all-natural craft ciders in India. Oozing with fruity and enlivening flavours, Thirsty Fox’s ciders are crafted in small batches and are made with apples sourced from family-owned farms in the US. The brand’s gluten-free, vegan craft ciders include Izzy, a golden, citrusy honey infused cider, and Reed, a ruby-red cider carrying notes of apples, cherries and peppercorns.
Order from Nature’s Basket or Tap, an alcohol delivery service
Thirsty Fox Cider
Thirsty Fox Cider
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