Just arrived: Dewy serums and essences to amp up your skincare regime

Pratishtha Rana
Every day, we come across a slew of new beauty launches that captivate us with their attractive packaging and advanced skin solutions
Two such products that are extremely common are facial serums and essences that we’re all guilty of hoarding in our skincare cabinet. The primary difference between a serum and an essence is the texture of the liquid. While a serum’s content can be more gel-like or viscous, an essence is more or less watery. Both, serums and essences, are highly concentrated with active ingredients (about 70 to 80 per cent), way more than what a regular toner, cleanser or moisturizer will have. This is what makes these rich-in-ingredients potions a must-have. They repair your skin’s health and act as a durable layer to fight off skin ageing and drying.
Here, we jot down the newly launched luxe serums and essences that you will not regret adding to your skincare regime.
Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence – L’Occitane
Fresh on the racks of L’Occitane skincare is the Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence that comes in a pump and a spritz design for a hassle-free application. Bottled up with a 70:30 ratio of water and oil, the triphase essence carries three layers of power ingredients – beetroot prebiotic adds the antioxidant goodness, acmella smoothens skin’s texture and immortelle essential oil strengthens and balances skin’s health. Buy here
Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence L’Occitane
Hustle – d’you
A multi-tasking serum to protect, repair and glam up your skin in a jiffy. Hustle is the first product from the house of d’you, a newly launched beauty brand. Made in South Korea, the only aim of this skincare potion is to declutter your beauty routine. With a soft, viscous water-like texture, this serum triples up as a hydrating toner, essence and even a primer before you put on makeup. Buy here
Hustle by d’you
Radian-C Vitamin Spot Ampoule – Laneige
Vitamin C is that one staple that all skincare gurus swear by. Known as a super antioxidant, it plays a crucial role in promoting collagen growth in skin while toning and lightening any dark spots and pigments. Clutching on to this infallible goodness, Laneige has launched the all-new Radian-C Vitamin Spot Ampoule, a blend of three vitamin types – pure vitamin C, Vitamin C derivative and Vitamin B3 Radian-C 3x Blend™. This orange-hued bottle packs in a watery formula that absorbs instantly. Buy here
Radian-C Vitamin Spot Ampoule by Laneige
Le Soin Noir Serum – Givenchy
Givenchy’s skincare lab taps on the natural superpowers of algae that can thrive and grow even in the most extreme conditions. A miracle ingredient, algae is loaded with juices that detoxify, hydrate, slow down skin ageing and improve skin elasticity. Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir is a minimally packaged, black-hued serum imbued with highly-concentrated benefits of black algae sap. The serum melts into the skin instantly and leaves an iridescent layer of glow. Buy here
Givenchy Le Soin Noir
OrchidĂ©e ImpĂ©riale The Micro-Lift Concentrate – Guerlain
Enwrapped in a divine floral scent of orchids, rose, white musk and cedar wood, this exquisite concentrate by Guerlain is composed of 92 per cent naturally derived ingredients. This serum is a fine blend of the benefits of orchids and the latest microencapsulating technology, loaded with 7,000 micro-sculptors that actively micro-lift the skin texture. The result is an improvement in skin firmness, a plumper texture and glassy-like smoothness. Buy here
Guerlain micro lift concentrate
Diorsnow Essence of Light serum – Dior
Created to restore skin’s luminosity with a sculpted finish, Diorsnow essence by Dior targets four dimensions in facial beauty – skin tone, texture, transparency and evenness. This luxurious potion has the organically-derived edelweiss flowers from the Swiss alps, a hint of yeast extract and zinc, which together stimulate natural radiance and control skin’s excess sebum. Buy here
Diorsnow essence of light serum
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