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July 20, 2024

To Mom, with love: Wellness gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day

Ruhi Gilder
Celebrations have taken on a whole new meaning in the past year. Wellness is the most important aspect of all our lives and keeping that in mind, here’s a Mother’s Day gifting guide centred around health and wealth.  


Start the special day with a cup of tea, made just the way you know your mom likes. Pamper her with hampers from top tea makers and retailers listed below. 
Celesté has a luxurious collection of gift hampers. Each comes with sommelier instructions on how to prepare the perfect morning or evening cuppa for mom.  
Photo Courtesy: Celeste
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Luxmi Teas 
Curated from all around the globe, Rwanda, Assam, and Darjeeling, Luxmi Teas has a gift hamper of their special blends, each with its own distinct flavour.  
Photo Courtesy: Luxmi Tea
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Set up an at-home spa  

Time for some rest and relaxation for your wonder woman! Create a spa-like environment at home with these care hampers from luxury beauty brands.   
Secret Alchemist 
The Superhero hampers by Secret Alchemist has all the ingredients for a perfect Sunday spa day. A glow pigmentation gel, nourishing hair growth oil, stress-relieving oiland a joint pain oil to soothe the muscles
Photo Courtesy: Secret Alchemist
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The Tribe Concepts  
Amara Bath Ritual Box is a curated mix of oils and cleansers made by Ayurvedic beauty and wellness brandThe Tribe Concept. The hamper has an Ubtan Body Cleanser, Face Brightening Daily Cleanser, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 24K Kumkumadi Ayurvedic oil, and a 90-day miracle oil infused with extra virgin black sesame oil. 
Photo Courtesy: The Tribe Concepts
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Aromatic candles can make your at-home spa even more relaxing. This hamper packs in a variety of scents, ranging from jasmine to bergamot.
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Healthy Meals

There’s nothing more important than eating right, so curl up on your sofa with a Mother’s Day flick, and binge on healthy meals from these restaurants. 
Seeds of Life 
Browse through their collection of veggie beet, mock meat burgers or select a Lebanese bowl for your mom. Make the meal even more special with a delicious chocolate tart or carrot cake, both of which are vegan and gluten-free.  
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Give your mom a break from meal prep. Book a week-long subscription-based meal plan service by AtomBox that delivers wholesome nutrition at your doorstep every morning. Launched in collaboration with Chef Harsh Dixit, the meals are under 500kcal range 
Photo Courtesy: AtomBox
Call or text +91 7304117755 to subscribe 

Guilt-free Snacks  

For all the times your mom has made you snacks, gift her some healthy treats filled with wholesome ingredients.  
Nourish Organics  
Photo Courtesy: Nourish Organics
Started by mother-daughter duo, Seema Jindal Jajodia and Nikita Jajodia, thiclean food company has curated a special immunity boosting gift hamper with Chia Turmeric Cookies, Ginger Oat Cookies and Amla Bars. Vitamin C, plant fibre, protein, antioxidants, are all packed in this organic powerhouse. 
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Kaashi Wellness
Kaashi Wellness Granola packs a healthy energy punch. Made with almonds, dates, oats, raisin, pistachios, sunflower seeds, khus khus, jaggery, it’s a great breakfast option. 

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Hand Sanitiser  

Gift your mom a pocket-sized sanitiser that can be used anytime on-the-go 
Try L’ Occitane’s Verbena scented hydro-alcoholic gel that perfumes and cleanses at the same time.
Photo Courtesy: L’Occitane
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Dot & Key
Dot & Key’s hand cream + sanitiser, is perfect for your multi-tasking mom. It contains moisturising jojoba and anti-bacterials that gets rid of germs and hydrates.  
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This is an essential that everyone needs, so why not add a little sparkle to your mom’s mask game?  
Payal Singhal 
Check out Payal Singhal’s colourfully printed and embroidered masks. 
Photo Courtesy: Payal Singhal
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World of Gaya
Photo Courtesy: World of Gaya
Gift your mom some symbolic flowers with an embellished adjustable floral mask from World of Gaya. 
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Fitness Subscriptions

Surprise your mom with a mother-daughter yoga class subscription, one that she can do in the comfort of home.
Pilates expert, Yasmin Karachiwala, and nutritionist to the stars, Pooja Makhija, team up to offer a 21-day Get Fit challenge. Teaching participants good eating and fitness habits, it’s the perfect long-term health solution to gift your mum.  
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Physique 57 
Taught in real-time by internationally trained teachers, Physique 57 offers 57 minute low-impact, high intensity full-body workouts. With group or one-on-one class options, the routine is designed for a virtually guided workout.   
Representative Image by Hà Cao from Pixabay
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Kaivalyadham Yoga  
One of the oldest yoga institutes, started in 1951, Kaivalyadham Yoga offers online classes. Depending on her preferences, you can sign your mommy dearest up for weekend classes, weight management class or a special senior citizen session.
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Fitness Trackers 

Exercise is imperative in keeping healthy, let your mom track her steps, daily distance walked with a smart watch that keeps track of it all 
Easy to use and operate, this is the ultimate fitness band for Apple users. In an added advantage, it also alerts her to texts and calls, so she will never miss a phone call from you again.
Photo Courtesy: Apple
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Built in with Amazon Alexa, 24/7 heart rate tracking, Sleep Score and a 5+ Day battery life, this smart watch is perfect for moms who love everything fitness-related.
Photo Courtesy: FitBit
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