Wallpaper and upholstery by Clarke & Clarke’s latest collection Wilderie

Pooja Patel

A new season brings new weather, colours and mood. The hot Indian summer is upon us and while we are at home owing to the COVID-19 guidelines, it is perhaps a good idea to use the time to change the decor of your home.
Changing how your home looks do not have to be heavy-duty work that takes months. Adding a few pieces of decor, plants, furniture, rugs or upholstery can lend a fresh look to your home too. Here are a few ideas that you can try!
A new rug can add a dash of colour and design to the floor! Jaipur Rugs’ new collection Archetype, which is in collaboration with Abin Chaudhuri, a celebrated name in the architecture and design industry, has some cool rugs.
The rugs in this collection are a good fit if you are looking for a beautiful change. They have been inspired by the fundamental principles of architecture through simple forms, colours and shapes on rugs. Addressing variations of the human personality through architectural philosophies from ancient to contemporary, each design is created to inspire. The colours of these rugs are in subtle shades of black, blue and brown.
Be it your sofa set, lounge chair or a porch swing, adding cushions that are brightly coloured or ones that have beautiful embroidery, gives a fresh look.
Like the Sarita Handa decorative pillows and throw cushions that are part of her Spring-Summer 2021 collection. This collection is her springtime vision of finding bliss in the lanes of Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Mexico.
These cushions have beautiful handwork such as the work done on Turkish carpet and rugs, where the play of appliqué, knots and hand embroidery are highlighted in bold colours; taking inspiration from Greece there are grey and red matte colours; and inspired from the Memling Gul rug, the patterns are a rare form of traditional Azerbaijani embroidery.
Outdoors are amazing places to sip a cup of tea or read or just relax. Be it a small gallery in the flat or a patio, planters add life to space. To beautify your outdoors or the balcony, the Bonasila’s chic planters are cool options.
Circo, a planter that has a sleek finish and looks gorgeous; Escon, octagonal planters, which look like a web of triangles, are light in weight, weather and frost resistant; and the simple-looking corin that stores excess water at the bottom, which can be drained later are few options from the brand. Growing colourful flowering plants is a good idea.
Ochre at Home that’s known for their bespoke furniture and accessories have a gorgeous collection of artifacts
. These pieces on a dining table or corner table or TV cabinet can add beauty to the place. The immaculately crafted artifacts are made of glass, blown glass, marble and ceramic.
These graceful pieces have graphic patterns, glossy finishes and fluted surfaces, which are available in bright colours. These would look chic on a tabletop setting in the living room or even on a dining table.
Changing the wallpaper is a hassle-free option to change the look of the home. And Clarke & Clarke’s latest collection of wallpapers ‘Wilderie’ that looks really classy is perhaps a good choice. Inspired by nature, the collection has prints that depict flora and fauna in colourfully evocative strokes. British artist and designer Emma J Shipley has collaborated with Clarke & Clarke to create these designs. They are available with Maishaa in India.
The colours are bold and the imagery vibrant, depicting creatures inspired by myths, legends and the unique beauty of the natural world from Africa to America via British fairy tales. You can brighten up your home with these stunning wallpapers that have winged leopards, curious birds, cacti, palms, prancing wild animals, leopard-spotted elephants, leaping gazelles and more. These too are at Maishaa.
Writing board
A writing board in the kitchen is a new trend that’s not only useful, but also gives the space that ‘Pinterest-perfect’ look! You can use it to write a list of groceries to buy, some witty lines, doodle, write the menu and even stick memos, bills and important reminders. A nice little blackboard becomes a charming decor piece.
Lifestyle home decor brand Ellementry’s latest offering is an elegant blackboard is a great option. Made of mango wood, this rectangular, wall-mounted, magnetic chalkboard provides a smooth writing surface. The four magnet stoppers allow you to post flyers, bills and reminders. It also has pegs to hang aprons and napkins.
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