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June 19, 2024

#Lockdown: 5 easy ways to spruce up your balcony

Aliya Ladhabhoy

Balconies have become the most coveted spot in the house in this lockdown. Artists are using the space to put out their art, musicians are spreading happiness by playing their instruments by the window, people are turning it into a temporary workspace or using it to simply lounge around and admire nature. A balcony is one space that is keeping us sane and connected to the outside world.
Saba Kapoor, Founder and Creative Head of Nivasa Contemporary suggests simple but effective ideas to transform your balcony into a pretty corner.
Pot a plant or two
Make your balcony a green space by growing your own herbs, plants and vegetables. You don’t need to turn to a nursery but your own kitchen for ingredients such as seeds, spices and plant waste (think coriander seeds, chillies, mustard seeds, basil,  tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, ginger and more). Gardening is a big stress buster.

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Place a sofa
Relocate one of your sofas or a nice comfortable chair, preferably a cane one, and a side table to the balcony so that it can become your new coffee spot in the morning. Liven up your evenings here by playing board games with your family. You could also curl up on it to soak up some sun or read a book in the afternoon.

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Brighten up with art
You can liven up your outdoor space by indulging in some art and craft projects or hang weather-resistant art on your empty walls. If you have shelves, then dress them up with curios and small figurines.

Layer your floors
You can change the look of your flooring by adding an interesting patterned or textured rug or carpet. Throw in some floor pillows to create a cosy corner.

Let there be light
Take out your fairy lights, string lights and lanterns that are generally reserved for festive occasions such as Christmas and Diwali, to lift your mood and lighting.

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