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June 13, 2024

#Lockdown: Studio Verandah’s Anjali Mehta is spending some quality time with her children

Pratishtha Rana

A campaign shot from Verandah
Known for her luxe, Bohemian clothing label Verandah, Anjali Patel Mehta in her personal life is more than a fashion designer; she’s a wife, a mother and someone who loves trying new things. Currently locked in at her Alibaug house, she says that bad internet connectivity is actually helping her practice digital detox.
1. Please take us through your daily lockdown routine.
I wake up early by 6-6:30 in the morning, and after a quick shower and yoga session, I spend about an hour doing some exercises. My attempt to get fitter and keeping up with fun workout challenges with Sohfit has kept me positive all this while. Once the kids are up and we are done with breakfast and homeschooling, I take a quick break with the kids to play some games. As we are locked in at our home in Alibaug, we’re really blessed that we get to enjoy the surroundings and
Anjali Patel Mehta Verandah
Anjali Patel Mehta / Instagram
nature. Luxury truly has been to enjoy it all and spend quality family time. I read and cook in the second half of the day. Looking back, I have always loved to cook, but, had never been able to give it enough time, thanks to work and travel. In these times, picking vegetables from local markets and getting creative in the kitchen has been fun!

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2. What does your podcast and music playlist look like?
I love music and my friends have sent me some nice playlists,  both, across melodic techno and retro and popular music. My recent favourites include ArtBat, Apple’s top 100 EDM, Black Coffee mixes and Troye Sivan. One of my friends has also made a SoundCloud mix called LOMO Gravity by Lolly and Mohak, which is my new favourite running set.
Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan
I haven’t been able to listen to any podcasts as here in Alibaug there is hardly any network. Currently, I am listening to Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens on audiobook, but generally, I love to read books.

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3. Are you watching any of the new releases on Netflix and OTT platforms?
I gave up watching TV ten years ago, but during this lockdown, I’ve been watching movies with my kids and husband. We watch Disney movies and some old classic shows like Two and a half men. I’m not one for TV, but I really want my kids to see some classics.
4. Could you suggest some DIY hacks to try at home?
It will be interesting to get creative around the house. I love rearranging furniture and changing the furnishings to give a whole new feel to space. It’s amazing what you can achieve by just decluttering one area and adding some pieces to another.
I love cosy spaces, so adding carpets, rugs and antiquities is a good idea. Adding some lights to a room can open that space up. As people can’t leave their house, giving some time to indoor plants brings joy.
5. What would you like to do once the lockdown is over?
I would like to see my sister’s family, my parents and dogs. Also, a game of golf with our crew, a glass of wine on the terrace with our friends and family time is something I look forward to. And, heading back to Priyadarshini park every morning for a run should sum it up.
6. Post the lockdown, how do you think the world and the luxury consumption in India will change?
My first work priority is to protect our team and karigars and business, which has suffered a complete shutdown worldwide. It is going to be a new chapter in luxury, hopefully, conscious luxury, and I do hope consumers will shop local and handmade items. In the post-COVID era, I do see a paradigm shift in not only the way people will spend their money but also how they will express themselves through the conscious choices they make.

Pratishtha Rana


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