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June 19, 2024

LuxeBook Top 50: A prestigious list that celebrates the leading ladies of Indian luxury


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LuxeBook Top 50

They are powerful and influential thought leaders, and a force to reckon with.

Indian luxury’s women bosses play a very important role in shaping the niche sector. From introducing unique dining experiences, even in the times of COVID, to re-strategising leading liquor brands’ trade, marketing and promotion policies, they are writing new chapters in the business history of luxury.

While we are all for gender equality, we do strongly believe that women leaders bring to the table something unique, intuitive and trail-blazing, by the virtue of ‘thinking like women’.

And LuxeBook Top 50 celebrates this womapower. Despite the global instability and slump in the Indian economy, the Indian luxury industry is fighting hard to survive and make profits.

Over the past few months, Indian luxury leaders have observed that a consumer’s idea of luxury has evolved. He/she is opting for holistic experiences and just a brand name is not lure-worthy any longer. Take for example, the F&B industry—people want to know if the ingredients are indigenous, if the food items are organic or gluten-free and what are the safety measures implemented by the restaurant.

They want to indulge, but are looking for guilt free indulgence. Al

Along with the customers, companies too, are coming up with newer and unique services and products to offer. Take for example, Deepika Gehani who collaborated with Satya Paul to give the good old sari a new avatar, Fashion designer Masaba Gupta who made her debut on the small screen and Khushi Singh who has redefined luxury weddings.

Designer Rajshree Pathy has noted that people are looking for authentic experiences – whether it’s vacations, travel or products. Millennials, the new luxury consumers, are looking for elegance in a product, whether it’s vacations, travel or products, which comes from the highest level of craftsmanship and extensively researched materials, says designer Ritu Kumar.

The meaning of luxury has changed and the new-age customers are looking for something that is truly unique and personalised, be it a traditional Pichwai painting or a piece of handcrafted jewellery or an organic Ayurvedic skincare product. To celebrate the growth of this niche industry, we at LuxeBook, have curated a list of 50 feisty and confident women thought leaders, who have stood out in the ever-changing luxe market. Let’s raise a toast to these fabulous ladies!






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