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June 21, 2024

Luxurious 5-star spa in a jet by Greenpoint

Schenelle Dsouza 
Can you imagine relaxing in a luxury spa while you fly? Greenpoint Technologies takes you through a space-in-the-sky concept inside the Boeing Business Jet Max 8.
The aviation industry is slowly but surely designing some of the most luxurious aviation designs; from creating a 5-star hotel experience in the sky to building an entire living area with bedrooms and bathrooms. And while these have all reached great heights, a spa in the sky concept tops them all!
Boeing Business Jet Max 8
Photo Courtesy: Boeing
Greenpoint Technologies, a US-based company, is known to use some of the best cutting-edge technology to deliver refined aircraft interior design solutions. Their latest concept, created for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards, is a spa-in-the-sky experience in a luxury private jet. Designed for US aerospace company Boeing, the concept jet dubbed Retreat is designed for the Boeing Business Jet Max 8.
As the name suggests, Retreat is a private escape that focuses on creating a wholesome luxury spa experience. The interiors have a seamless, flowing design characterised by hard, shiny fixtures and surfaces with curving profiles, and pod-like swivel chairs. There are plenty of high-tech amenities, some of which travellers might expect to find on a flight and some additional surprises, tucked away in cabinets to keep the space clean and free of chaos.  Everything inside the jet adds a space-age feeling while maintaining a natural and relaxed environment.
Boeing Business Jet Max 8- Retreat
Photo Courtesy: Greenpoint Technologies
One of the most exciting bits about the interiors are the LED walls. A series of high-definition cameras are mounted on the exterior of the plane. These record and project videos of the view outside the plane onto the walls via organic LED monitors, providing one of the most picturesque ambiences inside a plane. A gold flowing on the ceiling adds to the ambience. The ceiling comprises individual panels which have a high-gloss metallic finish, designed to mimic a flowing river. 
Aside from modern technology and design advancements, the plane is also infused with plenty of biophilia. Live plants and internally lit terrariums not only add earthy aromas but also bring in splashes of green to soften the space with a warmer vibe.
Boeing Business Jet Max 8- Retreat
Photo Courtesy: Greenpoint Technologies



The design team has included sustainable oak, tactile velvets and scalloped details along with organic greenery and soft LED lighting to promote a  rejuvenating atmosphere.
“Retreat is an original Greenpoint Design interior, and this award showcases the immense talent of our entire team,” said Annika Svore Wicklund, Greenpoint’s design director. “Together we achieved a timeless, elegant interior equipped with progressive technologies and luxuries inspired by a world-class spa retreat.”

Boeing Business Jet Max 8- Retreat
Photo Courtesy: Greenpoint Technologies
The Boeing Business Jet Max 8 has 1,025 square feet of interior space which includes a large stateroom, two baths and two large seating areas, and a seating capacity of 8 to 18. Coupling this with the interior design of Retreat, the jet is said to cost well over USD 100 million.
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Schenelle Dsouza


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