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May 29, 2024

All about the newest microbrewery in town, at Thirsty City 127

By Pratishtha Rana

Beer can be more than just a drink. It is an experience, which is exactly what Thirsty City 127 promotes. A bottle of beer finds its space on most party tables, but do you know how this fizzy drink is crafted?

 Thirsty City 127

Thirsty City 127 has opened its in-house brewery for its guests, and the staff takes those interested on a fun tour of the microbrewery, showing all that goes into making a beer.

Thirsty City 127
Inside the microbrewery

The beer brewing process

The private tour at Thirsty City 127 is a 45-minute session with Alex Barlow and the head brewer.

The tour kicked off with a brief video on the beer crafting process. Next, Alex showed the guests inside the artsy equipment zone, elaborating on how each vessel works to produce the finest quality beer. It’s all in the technicalities, where the brewing follows eight steps, starting with the purification of liquor, or water in layman terms, leading to milling and mashing of malt, which basically is hydrating the malt and converting its starch into fermentable sugar. Next is lautering, where the mash separates from the clear liquid called wort.

The next three steps are as essential in beer craft as the previous ones, in which the wort is boiled, chilled and aerated and the yeast is left to be fermented, and finally, beer is stored in tanks for maturation and carbonation. The beer is then shifted into kegs to be served to the customers.

“a good beer infuses a nice fresh aroma and a bright clarity to it, while also quenching the thirst of the drinker” 

Food pairing with beer

Have you ever wondered about the logic behind pairing food with beer? Food pairing is about satiating taste buds with a striking balance between beer’s effervescence and food’s meaty character; the lighter ones are paired with a slightly spicier version of dishes and the stronger ones are plated with dishes carrying a tad subdued taste.

Thirsty City 127
Prawn Varuval with Thirsty Simona

On the table, we were introduced to nine varieties of beers with the food layout looking very rich in quality and quantity. Thirsty City’s in-house speciality Sexy Pig is smartly matched with seafood lime chilly while its fruity brew, Thirsty Simona tastes truly refined with chicken satay skewers. Trickling in the darker category, a robust brew like Black Jamun Porter is best enjoyed with a flourless chocolate cake.

Beers in India

Alex Barlow

According to Alex, India’s beer market has massive potential, given its large population and warm weather which makes for a perfect reason to indulge in crisp cold beers. A good beer comes with multiple qualities, he says, “a good beer infuses a nice fresh aroma and a bright clarity to it, while also quenching the thirst of the drinker. And paired with a selection of dishes, its flavours make the entire experience very interesting.”

Find tickets to the tour on Insider, priced at- INR2500 ++ with Alex Barlow and INR2000 ++ with the Head Brewer.

Location: Thirsty City 127, Todi Mills, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Pratishtha Rana


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