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July 22, 2024

November Watchlist: New movies and series to watch

Schenelle Dsouza
The weekend is almost here and with the weather cooling down, curling up in bed with an intriguing watchlist sounds like an ideal way to spend your weekends. The month of November has especially brought in a fresh wave of movies and shows. From captivating dramas like Priscilla to thrilling adventures like The Marvels, and not forgetting new OTT gems like Fingernails and The Buccaneers. Here’s a handpicked a selection of new releases that promise to keep you thoroughly entertained.
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With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, finding love scientifically hardly sounds like a stretch. Fingernails is a thrilling sci-fi drama that takes place in the near future in an age where individuals can find love using science and technology. Anna and Ryan are deeply in love, a fact that was proven using an intriguing love testing technology. Intrigued, Anna decides to get a job at the love testing institute where she meets Amir with whom she shares a profound connection despite her love for Ryan. The movie provides a fascinating perspective of love and relationships while focusing on the increasing role of science and technology in our lives.
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Leave the World Behind

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A gripping thriller, Leave the World Behind is a suspenseful drama that follows a vacationing family’s peaceful getaway.  The story follows Amanda and Clay, a couple who along with their children rent a vacation home in Long Island. What seems to be a peaceful trip soon turns into a nightmarish ordeal when the family is interrupted by an enigmatic older couple claiming to be the owners of their rented vacation home. The couple claim to be seeking refuge from an unknown global crisis. Soon after tensions rise as both families navigate fear, uncertainty, and secrets in a world turned upside down.
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What’s Love Got to Do with It?
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A good old romantic comedy, What’s Love Got to Do with It centres on the ideas of love, marriage and family customs. At the centre of it all is Zoe played by the charming Lily James, a documentary filmmaker whose life is defined by a string of Mr Wrongs she meets via a dating app. For Kaz, Zoe’s neighbour and childhood friend, the solution is to choose an arranged marriage to a stunning Pakistani woman, just like his parents did. Bewildered by it, Zoe decides to document his optimistic quest to wed an unknown someone as part of a new documentary project. While documenting Kaz’s experience, Zoe begins to reassess her own ideas of love and devotion as she digs into the customs and feelings of Kaz’s experience.
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One of the most anticipated movies this year, Priscilla follows the story of Elvis Presley’s wife Priscilla. Adapted from Priscilla Presley’s 1985 memoir Elvis and Me, director Sofia Coppola provides a different perspective on the relationship between the Elvis and Priscilla focusing squarely on the latter. Beginning with a 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu’s encounter with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley, their marriage and the events that led to its end. Cailee Spaeny portrays the titular role of Priscilla while Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi takes on the role of Elvis.
Release Date: November 3
The Marvels
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A brand-new addition to the MCU, The Marvels is both, a sequel to Captain Marvel as well as a continuation of the two TV series Ms. Marvel and WandaVision. The story follows the events in WandaVision with astronaut Monica Rambeau in space examining a strange wormhole. She comes across a blue-skinned species of extraterrestrial invaders also known as the Kree, who bear an obvious unsettling connection to this wormhole. While examining this wormhole, Rambeau receives an unexplained energy that binds her to Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and Kamala Khan rendering the three to switch places anytime they utilize their abilities.
Release Date: November 10
007: Road to a Million
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Fans of the James Bond franchise will especially love Amazon Studio’s new series 007: Road to a Million. The show features nine pairs of contestants who compete in Bond-inspired challenges worldwide to win a £1 million prize. Guided by actor Brian Cox as The Controller, the participants must tackle ten tricky questions hidden in suitcases placed in remote locations. Right answers earn cash prizes, but a mistake ends the adventure. The show pays tribute to the franchise with scenic backdrops from the original movies including the Scottish Highlands, Atacama Desert, Swiss Alps, and Venice, all of which add intensity to the physical obstacles and tasks, bringing contestants closer to the grand prize.
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The Buccaneers
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Adapted from Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel of the same name, The Buccaneers navigates the 19th-century marriage market in London, where a group of spirited American women, led by Nan, embarks on the quest for husbands. Showrunner Katherine Jakeways vividly portrays the cultural clash and challenges faced by these women, exploring themes of female friendships and the sacrifices imposed on women in pursuit of societal expectations. Set against the elaborate backdrop of 1870s London, the series offers a feminist perspective on the era, highlighting the clash between American vivacity and British tradition in the pursuit of wealth and status in high society.
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Created by comedic genius Nathan Fielder, The Curse explores the bizarre and fantastical realm of a movie production doomed by an enigmatic force. The series, which is helmed by an incredible ensemble that includes Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder himself, chronicles the hilarious and chaotic series of events that transpire when the curse wreaks havoc on the set. The series examines the lengths to which filmmakers go in order to overcome obstacles, both mundane and supernatural, with a blend of dark humour and industry satire. The show offers a distinctive meta-narrative as the curse plays out, fusing fact and fiction in an engrossing and hilarious look at the difficulties of making art in Hollywood.
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