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February 27, 2024

Painted in Prada: The stunning new ad campaign celebrates the impact of colours

Prada’s womenswear Pre-Fall 2020 advertising campaign is blurring the lines between traditional art and digital artistry. It was announced after the pandemic began. It is an engineered reaction to a changing world. The campaign celebrates the power of the hand, the impact of the image and colours.
Pre-Fall 2020 Collection. Source: Instagram - Prada
Pre-Fall 2020 Collection. Source: Instagram – Prada
This collection was created with Prada Fall/Winter 2020 menswear, presented in January. It recalibrates the classic garments, giving these outfits a new actuality.
This campaign was shot in London on February 13, 2020, by David Sims and painted in New York later. It makes use of the film colourisation technique. The colours used are vibrant yet isolated and abstracted, highlighting the collection’s material essence and simplicity. 
Pre-Fall 2020 Collection. Source: Instagram - Prada
Pre-Fall 2020 Collection. Source: Instagram – Prada
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It is a blend of hand-painted watercolours and digital art. The black and white images of Freja Beha Erichsen are like monochrome canvasses awaiting a colourful intervention. This pop of colours has been applied with improvised spontaneity. Many traditional Prada shades like Celeste blue, pink, yellow, orange and green have been put to use. 
The campaign films have also turned the models into makers. In certain clips, Beha Erichsen brushes colour onto her clothes and bag in a smooth gesture.
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This campaign is an epitome of imperfect perfections. It leaves room for the accidental and the unfinished nature of human interaction. It blurs the lines between the photographic and the painterly in an attempt to do the same for technology and humanity. It truly is, a fantasy, painted in Prada.


Kannav Chaudhary


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