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February 24, 2024

Image Courtesy: Radisson Blu MBD

Radisson Blu brings the streets of Lucknow to Delhi

By Anushka Manik

If you’re a lover of all things in Indian cuisine, the heart of it all lies in Lucknow—the ultimate haven for satisfying all your gastronomic cravings. From the irresistible aroma of Tunde Kababi to the iconic Kachoris and the zesty Chaat platter, the streets of Lucknow are a sensory delight, bustling with food enthusiasts. However, we recently experienced the vibrant flavours of Lucknow in Delhi NCR, thanks to Radisson Blu MBD’s most-awaited Chowk Festival in their ‘Made In India’ restaurant that took place from 18th January 2024 to 28th January 2024.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a Bara Imambara cutout at the entrance, honouring Lucknow’s iconic landmark. The streets of Lucknow are renowned for their plethora of vendors offering delectable and pocket-friendly street food, and the restaurant ingeniously recreated this atmosphere. The specially curated ambiance reflected the charm of Chowk with its narrow streets and quaint shops. From the unique presentation of box-style Khasta Kachori served from an old-style Luna scooty to a live chaat counter, Radisson Blu MBD truly captured the spirit of Lucknow, bringing its culinary treasures to the heart of Delhi NCR.

Image Courtesy: Radisson Blu MBD
Image Courtesy: Radisson Blu MBD

We commenced our gastronomic adventure with Lucknow’s one of the most cherished appetisers- Basket chaat, stuffed with an interesting amalgamation of boiled potatoes, chana dal, and three types of tangy chutneys. Paired perfectly, the Khasta Kachori, accompanied by the signature aloo bhaji, added a savoury twist to our culinary exploration. For drinks, we had the pleasure of sipping on the super fizzy Khas sherbet, infused with a twist. The experience of trying out the street food was followed by a mouthwatering selection of kebabs including Kathal ki Galouti, (which is a Jackfruit patty with mashed potato marinated with species), and Tunday Kebab (finely minced lamb patties served with roomali roti.) As someone who’s tried authentic Lucknow food, it’s safe to say that the Chowk festival did justice to the flavours. From the perfectly balanced spice levels to the impeccable cooking techniques, it was a match made in heaven for all the foodies.

Image Courtesy: Radisson Blu MBD
Image Courtesy: Radisson Blu MBD

After exploring the enchanting decor for a while, we eagerly awaited the main course, which turned out to be a delightful platter featuring Lucknow’s treasures. The array included Chowk ki Dal, Nalli Nihari, and Chicken Korma, accompanied by a trio of delectable bread options from their menu—Khameeri Naan, Roomali Roti, and Taftan. And you guessed it right, Taftan stole the spotlight, yet again. And as someone who has never been a fan of Mutton curry, the chefs managed to impress me with their culinary expertise, making me want to go back for the Nalli Nihari. Despite our tummies being full, how could we end this culinary journey without thinking, ‘kuch meetha ho jaye?’ From their selection of sweet delights, we chose Falooda Kulfi, which is vermicelli noodles paired with homemade kulfi. They even had an option of trying out the Lucknowi-style paan, adding a traditional touch.

Speaking on the Chowk festival vibrantly celebrating and educating people about the Awadhi cuisine, Chef Sachin Malik, the Executive Chef at Radisson Blu MBD Hotel Noida, shares, “We aim not just to serve but to celebrate the charm of Lucknow’s Chowk Bazaar,

embracing its cultural richness and savouring its delectable flavours. Chef Nurul Bashar, our Corporate Master Chef at Made In India, has meticulously crafted an authentic Awadhi experience in every dish. Guests entering through the Made In India doorway, reminiscent of Bara Imambara, embark on a sensory journey, where elements of Lucknow’s lively streets and delightful cuisine come together to create a symphony of culinary delight.”

Anushka Manik


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