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June 13, 2024

Smoke House Deli 2.0 is where you can find great keto and gluten-free food

Pratishtha Rana

This relaunch is greener, healthier and visually appealing.
Smoke House Deli has been in the premium restaurant space for over a decade and is known for its comfort food to relish with friends and family. This year, they decided to shake up a few things and launched a more fun and organic version of the deli, aptly renamed Smoke House Deli 2.0. We visited the first remodelled outlet in Mumbai’s swanky Palladium mall and experienced the delight of farm-to-fork, in its noteworthy, welcoming service.
“At one point, we felt that there is so much more we can do with the brand and that’s when I came in,” says Chef Jaydeep Mukherjee who joined Smoke House Deli in late 2018. The idea was to introduce an appetising selection of fresh and healthy dishes on the menu and redo their classic French style food, which had “butter, butter and more butter,” says Mukherjee, with a chuckle. The new menu offers a combination of seasonal produce and Indian ingredients such as rice, grains, forgotten millets and exotic fruits and vegetablesSmoke House Deli LuxeBook
The target customers remain the same for the restaurant, from 7-year-olds to 75-year-olds, who like to explore the goodness of a green platter. One can choose from, vegan, keto, gluten-free, super-foods and organic diets. The breakfast fare covers organic porridge bowls, toasts, omelettes, super eggs, pancakes and waffles.
Keto power breakfast
Small plates and platters include burgers, thin-crust pizzas, sandwiches, salads and hot dogs, while the mains have some classic grilled vegetables, roasted meats, DIY handmade pasta and risottos.
Smoke House Deli LuxeBook
Classic Pepperoni & Scamorza pizza
The dessert section is sinful. On offer are fudges, cakes, pies, tarts, Brulee and fresh creams.
Donnie Darko
Standing on the very entrance of the restaurant is a grab-and-go counter, exclusive to Smoke House Deli, called Goodness to go. Chef Mukherjee believes that this trend of freshly (same-day) made, takeaway meals are fairly new in the Indian food industry at the moment.
Smoke House Deli LuxeBook
Goodness to go counter
Stepping in further, the wooden framework of the bar area displays a fancy arrangement of fine wines, blended scotch whiskies, dynamic tequilas and vodkas and other cocktails.
Smoke House Deli LuxeBookAt Smoke House Deli 2.0, the minimalistic ambience is a winner. Every corner is a reason enough to unwind and channel quietude. As the eyes wander to the walls of the restaurant, the white canvas and pops of red subtly explode with aesthetics of foliage and culinary illustrations. The warm bright lights juxtapose the interior setup seamlessly.
Smoke House Deli LuxeBook
“The planning of the entire revival, from food to the décor and interiors took about six months, and we plan to bring this new concept to more cities in India soon,” adds Mukherjee.

Pratishtha Rana


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