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June 24, 2024

Sonam Kapoor’s sister and stylist Rhea Kapoor shares her style secrets with LuxeBook

Husein Haveliwala

The quick-witted style savant Rhea Kapoor speaks to LuxeBook about the brands she would break the bank for and coming into her own in the world of fashion
Actresses on red carpets and at galas often modestly declare “It took a village!” (to look the way they do). For Bollywood’s fashion it-girl Sonam Kapoor, the village chief is none other than Rhea Kapoor. A style icon in her own right, she has changed the fashion scene in the industry with her own brand of individuality that marries old-world elegance and millennial pizzazz. With her razor-sharp aesthetic sense; she returns as the face and brains of Zoya’s Style Digest series of videos; offering fresh perspectives on styling jewellery with outfits for every occasion.
She gets candid with LuxeBook about her association with Zoya and her fashion mantra.
Rhea Kapoor at the Zoya store, Palladium
Rhea Kapoor at the Zoya store, Palladium
I grew up around jewellery as my mother is a jewellery designer. I’ve always been wary of this wave of commercialising art like jewellery, which is the final product of years of craftsmanship. I feel that Zoya jewellery has that craftsmanship to it, but also has a global aesthetic– it’s modern, and you can make it your own; which is what draws me most to the brand.
My favourite gemstone is emerald. I think it goes really well with the Indian skin tone. Plus, I’m kind of emotionally attached to emerald as a stylist, because some of my favourite looks have it. It just stands out and goes great with so many colours– fuchsia, white, black.
Kainaaz’ look for Style Digest 2.0: Emerald and Gold Braid Necklace, Hollywood Collection
Kainaaz’ look for Style Digest 2.0: Emerald and Gold Braid Necklace, Hollywood Collection
Right now, I’m really into citrine, yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires, and so there’s a ring from Zoya’s new collection that I really like. I also love the Hollywood Boulevard collection, because I’m in the red-carpet zone for Cannes right now.
Infusing your personality into a look is really important, and jewellery lends itself to create that atmosphere where you can express yourself.
My birthstone is aquamarine, and I think it would go well with a look comprising of jeans. Another thing that I’m super into right now is fresh white linen; definitely, something beachy,  because my head is in vacation-zone right now.
I would love to holiday in the Maldives.


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I splurge like crazy on food and booze. I think it’s a serious issue that I have. (laughs)
My personal style is about playing with what I’m wearing and what I’m working with, but at the same time knowing that it’s of value. There must be substance behind it, not just some commercial spit-out.
One person I’m really feeling these days is Zoë Kravitz. I think she’s the hottest chick alive. And, of course, Rihanna. The new brand she’s coming out with is going to be insane. Just iconic!


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Three things I’m passionate about are: first, having a voice in terms of my work. Second, the people around me – my family, my friends, my immediate five on WhatsApp. And the third thing is my sense of individuality in life. I’ve always been either Anil Kapoor’s daughter or Sonam Kapoor’s sister. It’s taken me a while to find the courage to assert my own personality – whether it’s in a room, or in a conversation. I find value in just being myself, and to be known for the right things.
My favourite is vintage clothing. Whenever I went shopping when I was younger, everyone who spent money would be wearing the same thing. So, If I’m buying an $800 shirt; 17 other people would also have it. But when I went vintage shopping, I felt like I was treasure hunting. And now I have stuff in my closet that I know has value, like Karl Lagerfeld from Chloé, Tom Ford from Gucci, McQueen from Givenchy. For me, these are invaluable. My biggest weakness is if I walk into a vintage store or a jewellery store and someone tells me a story, and if I’m into that story, I’m breaking the bank!
Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld
Luxury to me is to be able to invest in yourself; in your sense of being and comfort. Something luxurious doesn’t have to be expensive. To me, living my life on my own terms and at my own pace is luxury.


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