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June 13, 2024

Strokes’ drummer Fabrizio “Fab” Moretti curates Sotheby’s Fabrizio Moretti Special Old Masters Exhibition

Sotheby’s has announced the auction and exhibition of Old Master paintings and sculpture from December 15 to December 22. Titled Fabrizio Moretti X Fabrizio Moretti| In passing, it’s a collaboration between Fabrizio (Fab) Moretti, visual artist and musician from the internationally-acclaimed band The Strokes; and Fabrizio Moretti, renowned art dealer and collector who also owns Galleria Moretti in London. 
Old Master painting, Sotheby's
Battostello Caracciolo, Saint John the Baptist
It’s a one-time-only auction and exhibition of more than 20 Old Master paintings strategically selected by the art collector and showcased in immersive and interactive art installations designed by Fab Moretti. Followed by the live auction on December 18, the artworks will be exhibited in Sotheby’s New York galleries between 15-18 December. Online bidding for the auction has begun on November 22. All the artworks will go under the gavel without reserve and part of the sales will be donated to 2 organizations personally selected by both the collaborators. The International Rescue Committee which plays an important part during the world’s humanitarian crises and the Fab Moretti foundation which works to give access to therapeutic benefits of horses to those with certain disabilities. 
Old Master painting, Sotheby's
Old Master painting, Sotheby’s
In passing refers to the pre-modern era artworks which have stood the test of time and have passed down generations with varied interpretations and contexts. ‘Perspective’ is the core idea behind the installations. Effectively using the concept of light and space to design the installations, Fab Moretti has made an effort to showcase these oeuvres using varied perspectives. Representing the themes in the artworks like repentance, death, purgatory, and commerce, he has designed the installations in a way that makes the patrons adopt a slower viewing approach and hence build a personal connection with the pieces and relate to the pieces in a context that is unique to them. Both the artist and the art collector having the same name only adds up to the artist’s effort of showcasing the same thing with different eyes. For instance, one installation’s set up is such that the gallery-goers have to first walk down a narrow hallway lit with neon yellow lights, once the viewers are accustomed to the artificial light and then when they take a turn around the corner, the painting is furnished with natural lights, which make the colours in the painting look extremely vibrant. As stated by Fab Moretti, “The installation speaks to the relevance of Old Masters today and will hopefully highlight the humanism that is threaded throughout the pieces”
Old Master Painting, Sotheby's
Taddeo Di Bartolo, The Burial



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