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June 24, 2024

Tanishq launches Celeste in honour of Sachin Tendulkar

Jade Crasto
A collection brilliant by design and constructed with a plethora of dazzling nano-facets. Tanishq, India’s leading jewellery retail brand from the Tata family, has released a magnificent solitaire collection dubbed “Celeste x Sachin Tendulkar.” The collection, which is handcrafted with the greatest care, accuracy, and perfection, pays respect to the legend’s incredible achievements while commemorating Master Blaster’s 100 international century during his 50th birthday year. This 100-piece limited edition solitaire collection, like the figure it honours, represents the peak of brilliance.
Photo Courtesy: Tanishq
Each piece in this collection sparkles with unrivalled brightness, scintillation, and fire, releasing an unlimited number of flashes of colour from these handmade diamonds. Celeste solitaires are the indisputable crown gem of all jewels in the diamond cosmos. The Celeste solitaire is the outcome of a ground-breaking invention in the world of diamond cutting, and is covered by no fewer than six patents.
Mr. Arun Narayan, VP – Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited and Sachin Tendulka
Mr. Arun Narayan, VP – Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited said “The launch of Tanishq Celeste is momentous as we are delighted to present the most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds that shine with unmatched brilliance, scintillation & fire. These diamonds in addition to being sourced from the best across the world, graded in over 60 criteria of excellence, feature what has been called the biggest innovation in diamond cutting in over a century. Every Tanishq Celeste diamond imbued with this patented technology features thousands of invisible nano prisms that enhances the light performance and ensures unmatched brilliance, making Tanishq Celeste truly “a cut above”
Photo Courtesy: Tanishq
The limited-edition solitaires have been crafted using a special nano technology. The technology used, does not create a diamond with nano technology but etches nano prisms on the surface of the diamond. Tanishq has tied up with a partner in the United States, who owns and has four patents on the technology. But the technology has been curated for India. Narayan says that it was a journey of 18 months of curating the technology and conducting blind tests wit consumers across Tanishq centres in India. Different variants were curated and tested with thousands of Tanishq consumers and after months of research, they fine-tuned the newly launched product. Narayan also said that for 8 months they have piloted the collection out in stores after the blind tests and has been available for purchase for customers across 5 main Tanishq stores, to get a more representative idea and have had a fantastic response. The best part of Celeste is that the idea behind is to build your jewellery around the diamond. Tanishq has designers stationed to help you chose and create your own piece of jewellery, making it truly one of a kind.
When talking about the ideation behind the limited edition, Narayan says, “We already have a lot of consumers who are purchasing solitaires and have been with us for many years. We’re also seeing an interest in solitaires and personalised jewellery, particularly used to celebrate milestones. The collection is for the connoisseur, people who know their diamonds, people who want something exclusive and who also want something for an emotional occasion. It’s been designed keeping emotions in mind and also something which is rare and special.” The limited edition was created in honour of Sachin’s 100 centuries, hence only 100 solitaires were curated for it, making it very special and emotional for the consumers.
Photo Courtesy: Tanishq
Many may find it odd that the spokesperson for Celeste is cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, but for Tanishq, he is an icon who represents the values of Celeste. It has been truly designed for excellence and brilliance, and Sachin was the perfect fit for it. Mr. Narayan mentioned that he is a person of his own style and sophistication and is underexposed. The idea was to not to over commercialise and to chose an icon who truly represents what Celeste stands for and to also celebrate milestones of heroes who could be our past but are still shining examples and inspirations for generations and thereafter. When asked about seeing more collaborations like this, with people from outside the fashion and jewellery industry, Mr. Narayan says,” Why not! This is the start of a journey. I would confess that we haven’t looked beyond this but why not? In the past couple of years a lot of our campaigns have featured real women and not celebrities or known faces. These are real women who have done something different in their lives, so we believe that the role of the brand is to also showcase people who stand out, even if they are less known and to also use them as shining examples to inspire many others.”
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