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July 18, 2024

Tech news in October

Arushi Sakhuja 
The world of technology is one that is constantly evolving, but here are a few which caught our attention. To make the list more precise for you, here’s a round-up of the latest tech news for the month.
Apple is rumoured to be working on a car while
tech news
Photo Courtesy: Apple
Could this be the biggest tech news of the season? We may agree. As per reports, Apple has been rumoured to be working on an electric car under the codename Project Titan for over a decade. Supposedly a fully-autonomous electric car, it will be priced at under £100,000 and will be in competition with the BMW i7 and Tesla Model S. According to Bloomberg’s insider report the design will be confirmed by this year, with the features, stats and details finalised by the end of 2024. Testing will then begin in 2025, with the car set to go into production and on the market in 2026.
Bowers and Wilkins X McLaren Wireless Speakers
 Bowers and Wilkins X McLaren Wireless Speakers
Photo Courtesy: Bowers and Wilkins
Tech news
Photo Courtesy: Bowers and Wilkins


To celebrate Maclaren’s 60th anniversary, Bower and Wilkins have partnered with the automotive company to create an exceptional set of headphones. These headphones have been the talk of the town in the tech community, and only 60 limited-edition models are available for purchase. The McLaren Zeppelin wireless speaker, which is also a limited edition, features a blend of racing-inspired colours, including a striking orange finish. The back of the product features a Speedy Kiwi paying tribute to Bruce McLaren’s pioneering vision, with a refined Galvanic Grey finish and subtle Papaya Orange highlights inspired by McLaren Automotive’s design approach. The device has been designed as a complete stereo system in one component and a wireless smart speaker reimagined for the streaming age. It boasts reference-quality drive unit technologies arranged in dedicated left and right speaker assemblies around a central, large subwoofer, all powered by 240W of amplification. Take a look here. 


Dyson unveils Dyson Zone™M noise cancelling headphones
tech news Dyson Zone™M noise cancelling headphones
2 year usage from April 2023
SB Mar 2023
Dyson Zone™M noise cancelling headphones
Photo Courtesy: Dyson India
When it comes to tech news, Dyson is creating a buzz. Last March, Dyson revealed to the world the Dyson Zone™ noise cancelling headphones, announcing the company’s first step into the audio category. The brand has now launched the headphones in India. The Dyson Zone™M headphones offer pure audio and advanced noise cancellation with buttons on the headphones easy to use. With an immersive listening experience, the lightweight headphones are a visual delight and provide an unparalleled audio experience that will elevate your auditory senses to new heights.
Some of its key features include up to 50 hours of continuous playback, with ultra-low distortion and advanced noise cancellation. Priced at Rs 59,900 and Rs 64,900 it is available in two models,  Ultra Blue and Absolute +.
Ferrari will accept payments in Bitcoin, ETH, and USD coins for its cars
Ferrari 296 GTB 
Photo Courtesy: Ferrari/ Instagram
Making the move toward cryptocurrency and modern-day payment methods, Ferrari is one of the first automotive giants to accept payments in Bitcoin, ETH and USD coins for its cars in the United States. Making this worthy of tech news, Ferrar will use BitPay as its payment gateway that will convert crypto payments into fiat currencies for Ferrari dealers in the US. The platform will also analyse the paid cryptocurrencies to detect if they originated from illicit activities like theft, scam, or tax evasion. Yet another highlight is that the carmaker will not levy any extra charges for those who pay via crypto.
Samsung Galaxy A05s launches in India
Samsung Galaxy A05s Poster
Photo Courtesy: Samsung
Samsung has recently launched its newest addition to the Galaxy A series smartphone lineup, the Galaxy A05s. With a 6.7-inch FHD+ display, users can enjoy an immersive experience with excellent clarity. The Galaxy A05s comes with a 50MP triple camera setup, perfect for capturing great photos and videos. Additionally, the 13MP front camera ensures that your selfies are sharp and clear. This smartphone is powered by a segment-leading Snapdragon 680 processor that allows for superior performance. The Snapdragon 680 chipset is built on 6nm process technology, enabling easy multitasking between apps.
The Galaxy A05s offers a refined build and finish and carries forward Samsung’s signature Galaxy design. It is available in three refreshing colours – light green, light violet, and black. The launch of Galaxy A05s coincides with the festive season in India, providing consumers with a great smartphone pick.
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