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February 24, 2024

The Leela joins hands with mindfulness platform

Arushi Sakhuja
The Leela Palace Hotels and Resorts have introduced a new holistic program called Aujasya to guide guests on a journey of wellness. This is the hotel’s signature wellness programme aimed at redefining the road to holistic wellness. A unique blend of traditional and modern practices, Aujasya by The Leela encompasses a collection of authentic experiences that builds vivacity and promotes vigour, built around the 2 Rs of Wellbeing – Restore (Food and Nutrition) and Renew (Mindfulness). The Sanskrit word, Aujasya – translated as beneficial to strengthening vitality or energy – truly allows you to embrace an enriching and healthy lifestyle.
Earlier this month, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts launched the second pillar of their signature wellness programme – Aujasya by The Leela – “Renew – Mindfulness.” The programme has been curated in partnership with by JetSynthesys, India’s leading meditation and mindfulness platform. The platform empowers individuals with calming tools, techniques, and affirmations that compel them to begin their day with a mindful mindset. The right thought flows into the right action and behaviour, changing your perspective towards life. The second pillar, Renew-Mindfulness, is built as an online platform which presents four segments of a balanced mind and body created by – Maitri (Loving Kindness), Samskara (Inner Refinement), Ekaa (Being One) and Sukh (Mind and Body Balance). Each segment consists of a guided meditation, sound healing and yoga. Guests can seamlessly access these exclusively curated sessions during their stay at The Leela properties. Speaking on the launch, Anjali Mehra, Chief Brand Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing, at The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts said, “The challenges of today’s world often lead to disruption in our lives. Through Aujasya by The Leela we have made a commitment to give control back to our guests and empower them to take informed choices towards prioritizing their wellbeing. Encouraged by the response to our first pillar Restore- Food and Nutrition, we are delighted to expand our offering with the launch of the second pillar Renew – Mindfulness.  We are excited to partner with for developing this online platform and hope that with this we are able to bring a sense of calm, joy and balance in the lives of our guests when they stay with us.”
To know more about the program, we spoke to Mr Rajan Navani, Founder and CEO,, JetSynthesys. 
Mr Rajan Navani, Founder & CEO,,
Photo Courtesy: Rajan Navani/ LinkedIn
Tell us about your new association with The Leela Group for their ‘Restore & Renew’ concept.
The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts introduced ‘Renew – Mindfulness’ – the second part of their renowned wellness programme, ‘Aujasya by The Leela’. Exclusively created by, this second pillar is an online platform which presents four segments of a balanced mind and body. These are maitri (Loving kindness), samskara (Inner refinement), ekaa (Being one) and sukh (Mind and body balance) and these segments include yoga, sound healing, and guided meditation techniques. During their stay at The Leela properties, guests can easily access these specially selected sessions. Aujasya Junior, a section of the programme specifically designed for kids, teaches kids to make thoughtful decisions that will lead to a happier and calmer future. x The Leela
Photo Courtesy: The Leela Hotels and resorts
How did you conceptualise and what are the ideas behind the brand? started with the ideology that every action we take starts with a thought first. If we can control our thoughts, we can control our actions. Our thoughts also guide our emotions. Positive affirmations and the vibrations they create often have a direct impact on our well-being. amplifies the power of positive thoughts, affirmations, and creative visualizations to recreate your life. Riding on this ideology, the platform started with a vast library of guided meditation sessions by a diverse set of experts, and quickly progressed to bringing yoga into its fold as well. Last year, to meet the needs of users in this ever-changing world, bolstered its service offerings with a dedicated section for kids, a digital journal, meditation timers, breath timers, chants timers, as well as categories that serve to focus on breathwork, sleep, and Yog Nidra. ThinkRight.Me has witnessed 3.5M+ downloads from more than 121 countries of the world since its launch.
While experts say the best way to inner peace is through meditation and switching off technology, how does the app use technology for mindfulness?
Our app is designed in a manner that offers well-being solutions without unnecessary distractions. From guided meditations to easy-to-understand yoga, has been curated to maintain focus while bringing clarity and focus. Technology for us is an enabler, helping reach millions of individuals across countries, 121 of them to be precise. It helps us cater to the needs of our users better where through data, we gather insights on user behaviour to create sessions they wish to engage with. Better technology also helps us personalize the platform better and improve user experience. The purpose of is to act as a medium for the user to bring the relaxation and calmness they desire and achieve mindfulness.
What makes Think Right Me different from other initiatives? is a one-stop holistic solution for better mental, physical as well as emotional well-being. This single app allows users to achieve calmness and clarity through guided meditations and affirmations, along with yoga for better physical health and well-being. We also introduced the kid’s section last year considering the global need to ensure holistic mental, emotional, and physical development for kids. It eliminates the need for users to have multiple apps and encompasses a wide variety of well-being solutions at the tip of your fingers. x The Leela
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Has there been an increase in app users post the pandemic? Please support this with statistics. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major challenge to the growing mental health issues the world is experiencing today. In fact, as per a survey conducted on, 44% of users started meditating during the pandemic, with 81% meditating daily, spending a whopping 2 billion minutes in total.
Overall, around 66% of the users participated in yoga and meditation for reducing stress and anxiety, 46% to become calmer and the same amount of people chose yoga and meditation to increase their self-confidence.
33% wanted improved focus on their work and studies and 32% believed yoga and meditation made them feel at peace and happy. Around 32% of people chose this activity for better sleep and 27% for better productivity. Around 19% were looking to improve and heal relationships.
Female users were seen to practice yoga for personal growth, peace, and happiness followed by stress release and better sleep. For men, however, it offered peace and happiness first, followed by personal growth, stress relief, and better sleep in that order.

What can we expect to find on the app?
The app consists of various ways to identify one’s challenges and work towards bettering one’s overall well-being. One can participate in daily affirmations that will help chart a positive outlook for them, enabling them to start their day with a boost of optimism. Daily Morning Zen allows beginning the day with stories promoting positive thoughts, breathing exercises, and inspiring life lessons to start the day with the best foot forward. The app also consists of guided meditation sessions that can help one concentrate better, achieve calmness in moments of stress and anxiety, and self-heal. It’s also helpful in improving sleep quality. For people who meditate, the app offers several important tools such as a timer, chant counter as well as relaxing 3D ambient sounds for better relaxation. The app also offers the user the ability to journal their emotional journey in the app. For individuals looking for something a little more physical, the app consists of guided yoga sessions of different difficulty levels, by leading yoga experts, that cater to every kind of user. Additionally,’s kids section also provides bonding exercises, pre-bedtime guided meditations, sessions for detox, for understanding kids’ inner voice, and for better focus and balance.
Throw light on some key points to help achieve soul development/mindfulness.
Everyone has a different journey towards mindfulness and no two journeys are alike. However, there are some measures that truly help in aligning you to the right path towards this journey like practising meditation regularly, and being aware of your conscious and subconscious self to make sure your actions and thoughts work to your advantage. The power of positive affirmations is immense – it isn’t something that can be done in a day but inculcating optimism slowly and steadily will ensure things won’t feel as heavy, and help you improve your outlook on life. Participate in activities that calm your mind. If it’s good for your well-being, it should be on top of the list.
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