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June 20, 2024

Inside the Nautilus superyacht: A hotel inside a submarine

Arushi Sakhuja 
U-Boat launched its luxury entertainment submarine last year, and this year they are back with a new upgrade – The Nautilus. The Dutch builder unveiled a concept luxury superyacht submarine that looks like a lavish underwater hotel. A true blue luxurious experience, the interiors were developed in partnership with Officina Armare.
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx
Nautilus exterior
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx
Futuristic in design, at first glance, one can barely tell the difference between a submarine and a superyacht. The concept vessel exudes all the glitz and glamour of an underwater hotel and was inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Nautilus is designed to serve as both a private yacht and a fully functional submarine and measures 123 feet.
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx
The vessel comes with a diesel-electric propulsion system that allows it to cruise across the ocean at speeds of up to nine knots and it can stay underwater for up to four days. However, it can only cruise beneath the waves for only six hours at a time.
The interiors
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx / bar
Nautilus U-Boat Worx /
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx / Lounge Bow
With contemporary and modern interiors, The Nautilus features a sundeck with a freshwater pool, bar, and large lounge area, which retracts before submersion. The interior boasts a dinner and lounge area with four 4-meter circular windows, a master stateroom, four guest rooms, sleeping quarters for up to seven crew, and a fully equipped galley. But the best part is that the layout is fully customizable according to the customer’s preference.
The experience aboard
The Nautilus submarine offers the best of both worlds – luxury yacht cruising and deep-sea exploration. With state-of-the-art technology and luxurious amenities, the experience of being aboard the Nautilus is truly one of a kind. As you step inside the submarine, you will be struck by its luxurious and cutting-edge design. The Nautilus is not just a mode of transportation, it is a true underwater sanctuary. The special Air filtration system aboard the Nautilus provides both fresh air and temperature control, ensuring that you will always be comfortable during your journey.
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx / Nautilus Saloon
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx / Guest Room
Main deck
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx
Adding to the experience are uncanny views of marine life that few have ever laid eyes on. The Mezzanine Observation Lounge offers panoramic views of the ocean, while the main deck lounge and foredeck lounge provide comfortable spaces to relax and take in the sights. The saloon, the central space in the Nautilus, is the perfect place to gather with your fellow passengers.
Nautilus sundeck
Photo Courtesy: U-Boat Worx / Sundeck
The sundeck is a luxurious outdoor area which is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. Additionally, guests can indulge in a drink or soak up the sun at the bar and jacuzzi. The superyacht submarine also features a retractable beach club and a swim platform with easy access to the water for swimming, snorkelling, and other water activities.
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Arushi Sakhuja


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