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June 21, 2024

The new normal: Future of the aviation sector

Aliya Ladhabhoy and Twinkle Dharmani

The modern world cannot exist without air travel and airlines are gearing up to come back with a bang once travel restrictions are eased. Airlines have already started implementing new safety norms such as PPEs for the crew, masks for passengers
and disinfection of the aircraft and altered food and beverage menu.

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“While the situation has upended the industry’s existing growth trajectory, we are working on robust post-crisis health and safety measures, with an unwavering commitment towards offering best-in-class services to our customers, informs a Lufthansa spokesperson. “When the industry bounces back, we will be ready to continue offering premium travel experiences while upholding the highest levels of safety and security.”

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In-flight Distancing
The Germany-based airline has plans to include Mumbai in its long-haul services from June onwards. However, this will come into effect only when the Indian Government eases international travel restrictions in the country.
As far as social distancing on flight is concerned, the airline doesn’t intend to keep the neighbouring seat free in the Economy and Premium Economy Class as a rule, but due to low occupancy, seats will be allocated as widely as possible throughout the cabin.

Alternatively, due to health concern risks people and companies that have the means will opt for private jets and chartered planes due to its enhanced safety, hygiene, and convenience. When one flies privately, the touch points throughout the journey are considerably reduced.
Personalisation and privacy
Whether it’s health risk concerns or just getting where you need to be, people and companies that have the means to fly privately, but had previously eschewed it, will now be looking at the options for its enhanced safety, hygiene and convenience factors. Further whilst flying private, the touch points throughout the journey also decrease, making private flying favourable.

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Kanika Tekriwal, CEO & Founder, JetSetGo Aviation
Kanika Tekriwal, founder of JetSetGo Aviation, an online marketplace for private jets and helicopters believes that there will be a greater demand for personalisation, safety and security while flying. “I believe that consumers may opt for one trip against three but prioritise privacy. The expenditure of that one trip may be equivalent to that of three. Maybe one private jet trip instead of three firstclass trips or one luxurious villa instead of three penthouse suites holidays. Safety, safety, safety – that is the way forward for the luxury travel space,” notes Tekriwal.
The firm is in the process of setting up a stringent SOP for all aircraft operations. They are also taking feedback from their existing clients to tweak their services so that the safety of both crew and passengers is ensured.


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