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February 27, 2024

Top 12 must-have travel beauty essentials

Ruhi Gilder
For all those perfect #holidaygoals images of lounging by the beach, sipping coffee atop a mountain or admiring ancient city squares, here is our curated list for the best beauty products to carry on your next trip.  

For a beach holiday  

Body Shop sunscreen
Photo Courtesy: Body Shop
The #1 essential on any tropical getaway is sunscreen! This super lightweight face mist from Body Shop is SPF45 PA++. The cloud-like mist forms an invisible protective film on your skin, without being sticky or greasy. The formula is suffused with red algae extract and vitamin C, and comes in 60ml bottle, so it’s easy to grab on-the-go.  
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Swim protection 
Dot & KEy swim protection
Photo Courtesy: Dot & Key
For all pool babies out there, this swim protection hair spray and SPF 30 pre-swim spray are the perfect duo. They protect your hair and skin respectively, from chlorine and sun-related damage, for a frizz and tan-free vacation.  
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Hair serum 
Kiehl's Hair Serum
Photo Courtesy Kiehl’s
After exposing your hair to all that saltwater and chlorine, here is a smoothing oil-infused leave-in concentrate by Kiehl’s. Enriched with  Argan and Babassu oil, it envelops your mane in a woodsy aroma and smooth sheen.  
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Asa luminsing powder
Photo Courtesy Asa
Glitter in the shining sun with Asa Beauty’s eco-conscious refillable luminising powder. The highlighter is available in two shades. For trips when you’re short on space, this highlighter also doubles up as a fuss-free eyeshadow option.   
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For a winter wonderland  

Lip balm  
Enn Lip Balm
Photo Courtesy: Enn’s Closet
Glaze your lips with this wonderfully glossy lip balm from Enn’s Closet. It’s loaded with ingredients like clarified butter, aka Ghee, and shea butter, which will protect you from biting cold wind. Swipe it on plain for a high shine finish or top with a fun lipstick shade.  
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Hydrating Balm  
Holyhydra Balm-
Photo Courtesy: Rooting Back
A multitasker you will be thankful to have in your travel kit is this Holyhydra balm by Rooting Back. It heals chapped lips, cracked heels and dry skin in a jiffy. Infused with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and herbs, it also serves as a makeup remover! 
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Hand cream 
Myra Veda Hand Cream
Photo Courtesy: Myra Veda
This hand lotion by Myra Veda is infused with sage, Mediterranean cold-pressed oils like jojoba, avocados, sweet almonds and raw shea butter from Ghana. Doubling up as a body lotion, it’s great for dry skin in the winter.  
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solid_perfume Forest Essentials
Photo Courtesy: Forest Essentials
Want a solid perfume you can stash in your toilet kit with no fear of spillage? Check out Forest Essential’s Raat Ki Rani perfume, made with beeswax, mango and mahua butters.  
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For wandering in a big city  

Photo Courtesy: L’Occitane
A must-have on any trip is some heavy-duty deodorant. This unisex Citrus Verbena Deodorant stick by L’Occitane neutralises body odour with a quick swipe. The French-made beauty essential emanates a fresh citrus long-lasting scent.  
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Light sunscreen  
Clarin's Body Veil
Photo Courtesy: Clarin’s
Clarin’s lightweight formula and fresh botanical scent is the perfect shield for your much-needed holiday. The White Plus Brightening Body Veil SPF 20/PA++ is non-oily, and created using sandalwood, cardamom and lavender.  
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Crème Blush + Lip tint 
Ruby's Organics
Photo Courtesy: Ruby’s Organics
Save space in your suitcase with this multi-purpose beauty must-have. Ruby’s Organics richly pigmented balm-like formula can be used as a blush, lip stain and eyeshadow. Available in an array of shades, you can cart it along in your sling, wherever you are. 
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Makeup wipes 
Clinique Wipes
Photo Courtesy: Clinique
Wipe off all the dust and grime of a bustling city with Clinique’s Take The Day Off Wipes. These towelettes swipe away makeup without the need for water, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. 
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