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April 22, 2024

Image from Versace

Versace’s Fall Winter 2024 Collection at the new Versacw store in Jio World Plaza

By Zara  Flavia Dmello

Good news for luxury shoppers, Versace has launched a new store in Mumbai, India’s luxurious Jio World Plaza shopping mall. The boutique covers 195 square meters and features a comprehensive range of Versace clothing and accessories designed for both women and men.

Truly embodying the Versace identity, ceramic, wood, and golden metal accents are leading features flowing throughout the space, creating an elevated idea of luxury that exudes both the classical and contemporary.

Image from Versace

The boutique’s furnishings gleam with gold metal and white ceramic accents. Fluted panels adorn the walls, and plush velvet seating complements blue carpets. The grandeur is enhanced by marble floors displayed with the distinct La Greca pattern.

Image from Versace

The recently opened boutique (December 24th) showcases Versace’s Fall-Winter 2024 collection which skilfully combines urban energy with timeless style. It features both everyday essentials and elegant evening attire, showcasing Atelier Versace’s renowned brand. Intricate corsetry and tailored fits exude confidence and sophistication, reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality and design. Contrasting elements such as sturdy metal and delicate lace, intricate embroidery and graphic patterns, and sustainable materials create a striking visual representation of Versace’s commitment to innovation and style. Many of their items embraced soft pastel shades like Pink, Blue, Mint Green, and Pale Yellow, balanced out by a grounding effect achieved by including Dark Ruby, Black, and White.

Image from Versace
Image from Versace

Upon viewing the collection in a screening of the Milan Fashion Week which took place on February 23rd, it is possible to note a certain shift in Versace’s approach from sultry to far chicer. At the beginning, one can note boxy fits, and sharp, angular silhouettes in each piece. They seemed modest, formal – mostly Blacks, Whites and Greys, with a recurrent pop of a saturated Ruby in smaller elements of the looks like the shoes or purse. Later on, in the show, more relaxed structured outfits began emerging on ramp nodding to animal inspired clothing with prints, fur and leather on neutral tones such Light Sand, Pearl Grey and Ochre.

Image from Versace

The timeless Contrasto Checkerboard, a signature Versace pattern dating back to 1982, adds a classic touch to the collection. Representing the spirit of the 1960s with a modern twist, the ready-to-wear line radiates vibrancy and optimism. Through innovative materials and playful transparency, the collection captures a sense of youthful freshness, reflected in the irreverent layering of tailored jackets, silk shirts, and micro shorts.


Zara Flavia Dmello


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