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April 12, 2024

Image from La Panthera

Visit these new restaurants in Mumbai with gorgeous interiors

The hidden allure of Mumbai’s culinary scene can often be found in exceptional interior design, that elevates dining to an art form. Here every detail is meticulously curated to stimulate the senses and enhance your dining adventure. From opulent elegance to rustic charm, these dining destinations offer more than just a meal—they offer a visual feast that complements the flavours on your plate. Join us as we explore the captivating world of restaurants with exceptional interiors, and discover why these hidden gems are worth exploring for anyone seeking an unforgettable dining experience that delights both the palate and the eyes.

Indian Accent

Image from Indian Accent

Indian Accent Mumbai blends sophisticated luxury with Art Deco charm, featuring a 75-seat restaurant paying tribute to the city’s distinctive architecture. Two Private Dining Rooms, seating 18 and 10 guests respectively, showcase an attached interactive show kitchen. Inspired by Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage, the restaurant embraces the design, music, and cocktails of the 1920s and 1930s. Designed by Russell Sage Studio in collaboration with EHV’s Rohini Kapur and Vikas Bhasin, the interiors balance nostalgia with modern flair. Incubis Consultants contribute to the creative theme, capturing the essence of Art Deco while making it relevant for a contemporary audience. Rohini Kapur notes, “Russell Sage Studios and Incubis have captured Mumbai’s Art Deco essence in a contemporary fashion. Fine art photographer Rohit Chawla’s curated images add a romantic, timeless touch to the space, paying homage to the city’s heritage.”


Image from Torii

Gauri Khan’s design at Torii expertly harmonizes indoor and outdoor spaces, elevating the dining experience with seamless fluidity. Her distinct aesthetic shines in the restaurant’s color palette of gold, black, and white, accented with red and green, creating a visually stunning ambiance. The restrained glamour of her signature style welcomes guests with a statement door in dark green, setting the tone for the sophisticated atmosphere within. The dedicated bar exudes elegance with back-painted green glass and brass accents, destined to be a hotspot. The al fresco dining area boasts sophistication with black and grey print fabric seating, green glass table tops, and brushed brass accents amidst lush greenery and strategic mirrors. Inside, banquettes in red houndstooth complement back-painted red dining tables, creating a jewel box atmosphere with mirrored ceilings, fluted glass windows, and custom abstract art. The meticulously crafted sushi counter, designed for immersive dining, reflects Gauri’s commitment to enhancing the guest experience. Adding to the fun, guests are presented with tarot cards upon seating, engaging them in an interactive dining journey.


Image from Araku

Spread over 2,800 sq. ft across two levels, ARAKU Mumbai, designed by architect Jorge Zapata, accommodates 55 diners. The space, adorned with bamboo chandeliers by designer Sandeep Sangaru, features a 3D depiction of Araku’s terroir and a curated book nook by co-founder Manoj Kumar. Embracing regenerative agriculture, the open kitchen allows guest interaction, while the mezzanine houses a bakery, cocktail bar, and lounge. Architect Zapata emphasizes a material palette of oak timber, white plaster walls, natural stone, and clean brass. Collaborating with Indian design houses, ARAKU showcases bespoke furniture. Botanists Purvy Jain, Suma Parol, and Sora Tsukamoto crafted a diverse plant environment, championing local species for sustainability. Art by Richard Mather Pike and Saubiya Chasmawala graces the walls, while handcrafted crockery incorporates red clay from the region, reflecting ARAKU’s commitment to a regenerative lifestyle. The new mascot, ‘Re-GenX,’ symbolizes Araku’s dedication to regeneration.

La Panthera

At La Panthera, the interior design vision was to capture the soulful longing for old-world European charm, drawing inspiration from the ambiance of a chic living room in a European manor. The goal was to create a unique aesthetic that feels both timeless and on-trend, with every detail thoughtfully considered,” shares Mickee Tuljapurkar, Owner of La Panthera. An ornate black entrance door immediately makes a statement, setting the tone for the interiors filled with “pizzaz.” From the coffered ceiling to the low-hanging brass chandeliers and bespoke furnishings in warm greens and yellows, the space evokes old-world charm with contemporary elegance. Focal points include a captivating 15-foot artwork titled “The Beast Within” and a 21-foot marble and wood bar, inviting guests to relax and soak in the ambiance over signature cocktails. Graceful arches, textured walls, and velvet curtains add artistic nuances, completing the restaurant’s vintage chic captivating design.


Image from POMPA

POMPA’s interiors are a meticulously crafted homage to Mexico’s soul, blending intimate seating with spacious settings to cater to diverse patrons. The bar steals the spotlight, featuring a circular, tree-like structure as its centrepiece, illuminated to perfection. Within, a circular counter seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a gathering point for guests to enjoy signature drinks. The emerald green flooring harmonises with sofa seating, accented by earthen urns and vintage terracotta pots, evoking Mexico’s rich pottery tradition. Old green bottles and colourful heritage windows further enrich the immersive atmosphere. Inspired by Mexico’s culture, ruins, and landscapes, POMPA’s design embodies the nation’s architectural essence. Terracotta flooring, white-panelled walls, and sage green hues create a welcoming ambiance. POMPA is a vibrant, visually immersive restaurant that celebrates traditional Mexican aesthetics while embracing modern design elements. Various seating options, including high-top seating and plush sofas adorned with bold colors and tassel details, enhance the dining experience.


Image from Kembara

At Kembara, the interior design by Padmini Pandey of Studio Padmini Pandey unveils an earthy pastel canvas that invites the inner wanderer to explore. The warm, earthy glow of the lighting effortlessly meanders through the space, blurring the line between fine dining and the cozy comfort of home. With fluid design elements and a lack of rigid lines, patrons seamlessly become part of the space. Natural materials like wood, jute, and linen embrace the surroundings, reflecting the comfort of everyday life. Lime plaster paints add tactile depth, echoing the raw beauty of nature. A colossal light installation crafted from natural cane serves as the centerpiece, enhancing the dining experience with organic elegance. Strategically placed mirrors expand the visual landscape, creating an illusion of boundless space. At the heart of Kembara, the bar area welcomes with a natural wooden plank, where bar stools gracefully follow the contours, echoing the fluidity of the space.

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